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Last Minute Father’s Day Gifts

With Father’s Day only a few days away, you might still be on the hunt for the right gift for Dad. No matter how picky or easy Dad is to shop for, it’s tricky to buy something for someone who plays such an important role in your life. Whether your schedule has been crazy this month or you’re naturally someone who gets things done when it’s down to the wire, you’ll need to find a last-minute gift that doesn’t look like you purchased it a day before Father’s Day. Here are some of our picks for last minute Father’s Day gifts Dad will love:

Tech Gadgets

If Dad has been eyeing a certain piece of technology or you just think he could use one to make his day-to-day easier, check out a selection of tech items at your local electronics store. Maybe he could use a nice set of bluetooth headphones to make his morning runs more enjoyable. Or perhaps he’s had his eye on a new fitness tracker to keep himself accountable for staying active. Dad will never know you didn’t have this gift planned and ready to go for weeks.

Gift Card

Some people think gift cards are impersonal. However, what makes a gift card personalized is where you decide to get it from. A generic gift card to a chain restaurant may not go over quite as well as a gift card to Dad’s favorite local watering hole. If Dad is a big golfer, you might look into getting him a gift card for his favorite driving range; that way, he can stop by after work and hit some balls to blow off steam, all while thinking about who bought him this gift.

A Memorable Experience

Dad will love a new Apple Watch or a gift card to his favorite neighborhood coffee shop, but something that will really make his Father’s Day is a gift that isn’t tangible. Dads love experiences, which create memories that he’ll cherish forever. Maybe you can look into getting the family passes for a nearby escape room or planning a day for you all to go to an amusement park in your area. Whether you decide to have this experience on the day or a few weeks later, he’ll be bursting with excitement!

Bouquet of Flowers

It’s getting down to the wire, meaning you probably won’t be able to order an item online and have it delivered to you in time unless you’re okay with paying astronomically high expedited shipping fees. However, one gift you can get just in time for Dad’s big day is a gorgeous bouquet of Father’s Day flowers from Teleflora. Shop our selection of Father’s Day flowers and arrangements to find the ultimate gift that won’t look last minute.

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