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Keep Your End of Summer Bouquets Alive Longer

Just because summer’s end is near, doesn’t mean warm temperatures are willing to subside any time soon. And most people who enjoy keeping fresh flowers in the house understand that the scorching weather forecast isn’t exactly helping those blooming bouquets stay alive. If you’re sick and tired of throwing away beautiful floral arrangements due to the warm temperatures, have no fear – there are plenty of simple ways to make your flowers last longer in the heat. Here are a few ways to keep your end of summer bouquets alive longer.


  1. Keep Flowers in a Cool Place

If your home has air conditioning, keeping it on will help your flowers remain lively and less droopy. If you don’t use A/C, perhaps you can point a fan near your bouquets so there’s always a subtle breeze to cool them down. Above anything, it’s in your best interest to keep the flowers out of direct sunlight – this is the easiest way to dry your bouquets out. Instead, place them in an area that gets a hint of subtle natural light.


  1. Change the Water Frequently

You know your flowers need to be in water to thrive, but that water placed in the vase when it first arrived at your home isn’t going to cut it. Make sure you continue replacing the water every two to three days to ensure the bouquet’s freshness. This will also ensure your flowers still smell good, rather than being overpowered by old, smelly water.


  1. Give ’em a Spritz

Another simple way to keep your flowers looking and smelling fresh all summer long is spraying the buds with water. This tip is especially handy when it’s been a week or so after receiving your flowers – a quick spritz of water can make it look like you just picked them from the garden. Keep this tip in mind if you’re ever expecting guests – they’ll adore how much you care for your flower arrangements!


  1. Consider a Non-Traditional Remedy

Fresh water is the ideal treatment for helping your flowers thrive and remain lively, but have you ever considered a non-conventional option? There are a few unconventional ways to keeps your flowers fresh longer: pennies, vodka, and bleach are all suggested to give your flowers a few extra days of life. All of these solutions can be used to remove and delay the growth of bacteria, keeping your bouquets fresher than ever no matter how hot it gets.


No matter how you choose to keep your flowers lively this summer, remember that the Deal of the Day Bouquets from Teleflora makes it easy to keep fresh arrangements in your house no matter the season! You’ll always get the freshest, most in-season flowers, hand-delivered right to your door.

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