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How to Keep Indoor Plants Healthy

Plants are awesome. All those shades of green, all those different leaves…there’s something peaceful and satisfying to have plants in your home. Perhaps it helps you feel closer to nature, or maybe you just like taking care of living things. Whatever your reason, houseplants are great additions to any room, particularly in dense cities where some people lack access to large swaths of greenery and open spaces. Despite it being a great idea, you probably have no idea to keep your houseplants thriving indoors during the cold weather. Here are some of our best tips on keeping your indoor plants healthy all winter long:

Be Strategic
First, consider where in your home is best for your indoor garden. Then, be honest. Will plants that require copious sunshine be happy in a darker dining room? Can you commit to moving plants into sunny spots especially if they require it? Ask for advice on the best plants for your space and make the decision based on the reality of your home. While you might not be able to grow that rose bush of your dreams, you might find that a beautiful peace plant will thrive indoors. Just be smart about what you choose to grow and you will find success!

Watch the Thermostat
Be realistic about the temperature in your home. If you’re the kind of person who likes to freeze year round, a tropical plant is going to be miserable in your home. Conversely, if your house is always warm, there are certain species of plant that will be happier than others. Plants also like a drop in temperature at night to mimic the conditions in nature. But if you begin to notice yellowing leaves, this means that your plant is not happy. Just be observant and make sure you are providing your plant with the appropriate temperature all year round.

Give Appropriate Light Exposure
An excess of a good thing never suited anyone – and that extends to houseplants. If your plant’s leaves start to curl up and turn brown, the plant is getting too much light. Consider moving your little green friend to a different corner. You may want to ask for a bit of advice on plant care from your local garden center about optimal conditions, or look for a different plant that will thrive.

Bringing plants and flowers into your home is an exciting step, especially if you pick a flowering plant that will add pops of color during its blooming time. But green plants are just as therapeutic and beautiful. Start small and then build your indoor garden as you go!

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