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June Summer Wedding Bouquet Ideas

June is here, which means summer has officially arrived, bringing with it longer days, overflowing gardens and most importantly — the start of wedding season. 

If you’re throwing a warm-weather wedding this month, and are currently navigating the plethora of potential June wedding ideas, be sure to take advantage of the many bright, luscious summer flowers that are bursting into bloom. From roses to peonies, there’s no shortage of stunning flowers to choose from for crafting your perfect wedding decor. When selecting the flowers for your special day, get inspired with these June wedding flower ideas:

Citrus Kissed Bouquet

Sunsets are undoubtedly one of summer’s greatest gifts. There’s nothing like watching the horizon melt into stunning shades of yellow and orange as it gives way to a sparkling night sky. Bring the essence of this natural splendor into your upcoming nuptials with a bouquet inspired by colorful sunset hues. Our Citrus Kissed arrangement makes gorgeous June wedding flowers and uses roses in stunning shades of coral and orange, yellow button mums, light yellow carnations and greenery to evoke the beauty of twilight in the summertime.

orange and red roses with yellow and white flowers

Pure Happiness Bouquet

It may sound cliche, but your wedding day is supposed to be one of the happiest days of your life! After all, you’re committing to a lifetime of love and togetherness with your soulmate — what could be more satisfying than that? Allow your joy to speak for itself with the Pure Happiness bouquet, a lovely choice for June wedding flowers. This bouquet features one of summer’s most beloved blossoms — sunflowers — alongside carnations, daisies, asters and fresh greens. Shades of red, gold and purple set the tone for a colorful evening filled with love, laughter and pure happiness.

sunflowers with red roses

Ocean Devotion Bouquet

When the weather gets hot, there’s no better way to cool down than with a trip to the beach for some surf and saltwater. It’s the perfect way to refresh and relax while soaking in the natural beauty of the season. Bring the spirit of the beach into your special day with the cool, sandy tones of our Ocean Devotion bouquet. This nautical-inspired arrangement features a cascade of white dahlias, white snapdragons, green button mums and pale green roses that are reminiscent of foamy whitecaps crashing onto the coast. Blue hydrangeas finish off the bouquet with a splash, evoking the magnificence of endless seas and crystal clear skies. It’s the perfect metaphorical representation of summer via June wedding flowers. What more could you ask for?

blue hydrangea and white flowers

In Love With Lime Bouquet

There’s no color combo that says “summer” quite like bright pink and lime green. Like a bite of watermelon or a sip of a raspberry lime rickey, this combination of hues is sweet, tangy and undeniably refreshing. Incorporate these tones into your nuptials with the In Love with Lime bouquet. This arrangement of June wedding flowers is brimming with roses, Asiatic lilies and carnations in a spectrum of stunning pinks, complemented by bells of Ireland, button spray, chrysanthemums and huckleberry in brilliant shades of green.

Pink lilies and hot pink roses in green vase


These are only a few of our favorite summer bouquets to choose from for your June wedding flowers. There are so many other options that are vibrant and in bloom for only a few months, so take advantage of the seasonal ones for your wedding!

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