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January Birth Flower: The Carnation

These multi-layered, feathery blooms are the birth flower for January. Like an elegant little puff ball, carnations come in a wide range of colors and fill any flower arrangement with a charming, delicate touch. Here’s all you need to know about the gorgeous January birth flower: the carnation.


Sweet Symbolism

These little gems generally represent pride, fascination, gratitude and divine love. Each color gets it own distinction: white for purity and luck, dark red petals for deep love and admiration and purple for capriciousness. Pink carnations represent gratitude, and have earned the rightful honor of being the official flower of Mother’s Day, a symbolic way of appreciating motherly love. You’ve likely also seen lucky green and white carnations at St. Patrick’s Day celebrations, and they’re traditionally gifted on first anniversaries to show love and devotion. Carnations even have healing powers, used to brew tea that can help relieve stress, anxiety and mild depression.


Celebratory Blooms

For friends and family who celebrate their birthdays in January, send them an bouquet of carnations with a thoughtful and personalized touch. If they have a big year ahead of them, consider sending the Beautiful Dreams Bouquet with white carnations for good luck. The richly colorful Enchanted Journey Bouquet is a whimsical, feminine arrangement, perfect for the women you adore. If you’re celebrating your incredible mom or grandma this month, the Radiant Reflections Bouquet will brighten her festivities with elegant, pretty-in-pink carnations. Many of our florists offer same-day, hand-delivered bouquets as well, so don’t worry if you need to order last-minute.

If you have a special day this month, treat yourself, too. These tough florals last for while, so they’ll be able to keep up with all your festivities—because, yes, of course we believe in celebrating for the entire month.


Birthday Décor

The event planner in you will have a great time decorating the celebration spaces with colorful carnations. With just the blooms and fishing line, you can create a gorgeous backdrop of hanging flowers. Here’s an easy tutorial for this fanciful flower wall. Similarly, you can create carnation garlands and centerpieces. For the little princess in your life, these feathery soft yet durable flowers are perfect for her flower crown.


To those celebrating another year in January, you share your birthday month and multi-layered flower with quite a few famous icons: Michelle Obama, Eddie Redmayne, David Bowie, Kate Moss, Alicia Keys and Ellen Degeneres. Here’s to you—happy birthday!

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