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Ideas for Celebrating Valentine’s Day with Single Friends

Are you reserving this year’s Valentine’s Day for the lovely friends you certainly wouldn’t be able to live without? Get inspired by these fabulous ideas for celebrating Valentine’s Day with single friends:


Swoon Over Onscreen Beaus

If you and the girls need an excuse to get together and binge watch your favorite romantic comedies, Valentine’s Day is your answer. There are thousands of rom-coms out there, so plan which movies you want to watch before the big day to avoid falling into the Netflix hole of endless choices. If you’re hosting, stock up on plenty of popcorn and chocolate sweets for your night of watching swoon-worthy men steal the hearts of even more beautiful women. For the full experience, here’s a guide to creating a DIY popcorn bar from POPSUGAR.


Serve Up Tasty Delights

Who needs an extravagant dinner date for two when you can invite all of your friends over? Host a themed dinner party or indulge in an evening of baking these Valentine’s Day desserts from Delish. Since the holiday inconveniently lands mid-week this year, you may want to plan for belated celebrations over the weekend. Make sure to stock up on plenty of pink decor and treats for a special weekend get together.


Live in Luxury

How many times have you and your friends whined about how you’re dying for a massage, facial or manicure? Make it happen on Valentine’s Day! Grab some face and hair masks, nail polish and candles to set up at one of your houses, or splurge on the royal treatment at a professional spa. Either way, you should definitely go shopping for new robes, slippers and silky pajama sets in preparation for your luxurious spa day. You can even give your friends gift cards to Lush, Sephora or another one of their favorite beauty stores as part of the celebration.


Dance It Out

This one’s simple: Put a playlist together, grab a few bottles of wine and start shaking those hips. Bring out the classic, corny love songs and sing your hearts out. If you need inspiration, browse pre-made playlists on Spotify or other music platforms. If you’re all itching to get out of the house, hit up a karaoke bar to continue the fun. Otherwise, cozy up in your jammies, take off your makeup and laugh the night away with your best gals.


Spread the Love

In the spirit of the holiday, plan a day to give back to your community. Get the girls together and deliver Valentine’s Day cards to a local nursing home or children’s hospital. Or encourage each other to join a charity walk or participate in another volunteer event together. Plan a Valentine’s Day gift exchange with your friends and shop for fair trade chocolate and other locally made presents they’ll be sure to love.


Regardless of how you spend the day, you’ll be happy to be celebrating Valentine’s Day with the ones who matter. Happy Valentine’s Day to you and your fabulous friends!

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