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How to Surprise Mom with the Perfectly Planned Mother’s Day

It’s time to start preparing to celebrate your biggest supporter and No. 1 fan: your mom. She has so many responsibilities on every other day of the year, so it might be nice to completely plan out this day. That way she can be a follower without the stress of figuring out the next step. Here is a Mother’s Day plan you can work off of to wow your mother and thank her for the hard work she puts in every day to fulfill her parenting duties:

Let Her Sleep In

It might seem natural to want to get the day started, especially if you have all the other elements of the holiday planned. However,Mom will appreciate one gift you can get her for free: an extra hour (or two) of sleep! Let her hit the snooze button as much as she wants, or better yet, don’t let her set an alarm for herself in the first place.

Surprise Her with Breakfast in Bed

The concept of breakfast in bed on Mother’s Day isn’t exactly an original idea, but it’s the perfect way to start her day. A small act of kindness for your mother first thing in the morning will go a long way. Cook up some of Mom’s favorite breakfast items: french toast, bacon, fruit and omelets galore! Make sure you cook her eggs just the way she likes them, and save her the trip to the kitchen by bringing her morning coffee in alongside the tray of breakfast foods. If you don’t know exactly how Mom takes her coffee (or know that she’s particular about the way she drinks it), come prepared with a saucer of cream or milk and some sugar on the side. Even if you and Mom think the breakfast is fit for a queen, make sure you’re at her beck and call just in case she needs you to grab an extra napkin or knife.

Have Her Gifts Wrapped and Ready

When Mom gets out of bed, she should walk into the living room to a clean house and a nice, neat pile of gifts to open all at once or gradually throughout the day. One gift Mom will appreciate doubles as a beautiful decoration that accents your gift table. A nice bouquet of Mother’s Day flowers will have her smiling for days to come. Every time she glances over at the stunning bouquet on the kitchen counter, dining room table or living room coffee table, she will think of how lucky she is to have a child as generous and gracious as you.

Keep the Weather in Mind

When you’re making plans for a nicely executed Mother’s Day celebration, check in with the weather regularly to make sure your plans aren’t derailed by heavy rain. If you’ve been planning a trip to the local park and a thunderstorm comes out of nowhere, make sure you have a few backup plans set in motion. You might replace a leisurely bike trip on her favorite trail with a marathon of some of her favorite movies if outdoors activities no longer seem like a viable option. It shouldn’t be a surprise that Mother Nature has a way of making herself present on Mother’s Day.

Join Her Favorite Lazy Sunday Rituals

Maybe Mom has a strict schedule she likes to stick to on Sundays to anticipate another busy incoming week. In this case, rather than derailing her Sunday itinerary, join her in these activities. If Mom likes to do face masks and soak her feet in front of the TV on Sunday afternoons, join her. If she needs to do some errands, go along for the ride and help her out with them. Everything is better for Mom when she has her favorite people by her side. Even a trip to the bank or the dry cleaners can be significantly improved when surrounded by her support team.

Know When to Leave Her Alone or Stray from the Plan

Even though Mom adores spending time with her children any day of the year, there might come a time when she wants to relax and unwind by herself. Some moms, especially those of young children, prefer to spend a majority of their Mother’s Days away from the family to take a momentary break from parenting duties. Maybe she wants to take a solo trip to the gym to clear her head and relieve stress, or perhaps she wants to enjoy some retail therapy without the stress of her own young children running around the store. No matter, it’s important that you make the day about Mom. Even if it derails your plan, listen to what Mom wants on her big day.

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