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How to send Thanksgiving cheer

Thanksgiving is literally right around the corner and many families are busy preparing for the day set to be filled with the four Fs: fun, family, food and football. If you’ve been running around trying to get all of the details secured for the big day, its time to take a step back and remember, Thanksgiving is about the company you’re with not the decor of your home. However, being stylish is also a must for most people.

Look up fresh recipes
Changing up your traditional sides or even desserts is a great way to make this Thanksgiving unlike any other. Martha Stewart suggests foodies try making a lovely apple crostata with cheddar crust to impress fancy eaters. This rustic treat gives off a tangy flavor with a sharp contrast thanks to the cheese.

Plan a few games
Keep the kids excited and entertained on Thanksgiving by setting up a few games around your home. Classics like pin the feathers on the turkey or a matching game with a Thanksgiving theme is sure to keep the kids occupied long after the meal is over.

Enhance your table
Let’s face it, the main event at any Thanksgiving affair is the meal and you can help your tabletop look the part with a festive Thanksgiving centerpiece. Teleflora’s Graceful Glow Fall Centerpiece is sure to evoke plenty of “oohs and ahhs” as this arrangement of fall-like flowers is made more elegant thanks to a center candle and wheat accents.

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Graceful Glow Fall Centerpiece with candles

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