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How to propose so she says yes

Love is certainly in the air these days and if you’re ready to pop the question to your longtime love, June is a great time to do so. Although she may say “yes” no matter how you propose, doing it with some style and grace gives her a great story to tell her friends and family.

Do it with dancing

A great and fun way to get down on one knee is to take your girl and her friends out dancing. Hit up the hottest club and make sure to talk to the DJ ahead of time to let him or her know about your plans. Then, have the DJ start playing your girlfriend’s favorite song and then ask her for her hand in front of all the people she cares about. She’s sure to be pleasantly surprised by the spotlight.

Say it in the sky

A fabulous way to have a stand-out proposal is to hire a skywriter to spell out the request for your girlfriend’s hand in marriage from 35,000 feet up. Make sure to have a plan set in place to be at the exact location when the message is set to be written. She’ll definitely have trouble saying no to that message.

Send flowers

All ladies love getting flowers delivered to their work, as it shows them and those in their office how special their guy thinks they are. For this proposal idea, send a bouquet of wedding flowers like Steal The Show by Teleflora with Roses and have the card say “Will You?” When she’s called down to the receptionist’s desk to pick up her flowers, pop out from behind the door and ask her the all important question.

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