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How to honor a new baby

Having a baby is a joyous occasion for both the new mom and dad and their extended family. If your loved one or close friend recently became a mother or father, there are a few special ways to show them how happy and excited you are about the new bundle of joy.

Offer to babysit

Although right now the parents will likely want to spend every minute with their new baby, there will come a time when they may need a night off. A great way to show them you'll always be in the baby's life is to gift them with babysitting coupons they can use on special occasions. Include sayings like "to use on your wedding anniversary," or another important event so they'll never need to worry about getting a sitter.

Make homemade meals

Bringing home a new baby can be a bit overwhelming, especially for first time parents. An easy and delicious way to help ease some of your friends' stress is to whip up a few homemade meals that they can just pop in the oven or microwave to heat up when they're hungry.

Send flowers

One of the best ways to help celebrate the birth of a child is to send the mother and father a bouquet of gorgeous flowers or gift baskets. If your family member or friend had a new son recently, a collection like MiGi's Baby Circus Bouquet by Teleflora may be the perfect option. This arrangement of white roses and blue button spray chrysanthemums comes in an adorable double-handled ceramic keepsake container adorned with cute circus animals.  

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