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How to go green around the home

June 5 was World Environment Day and it may have kick started your desire to make some eco-friendly changes around your home. You might assume that making certain switches can be time-consuming or expensive, but there are plenty of options you can do now to reduce your family's carbon footprint.

Switch your light bulbs

A great and simple way to be more eco-friendly while saving money is to switch out your current incandescent light bulbs for LED light bulbs that use up to 85 percent less energy. This will not only reduce how much energy you use but will also save you some green on your electric bills as a whole. Plus, these light bulbs last for much longer – some up to 10 years.

Online billing

In today's internet-savvy world, more people are choosing to pay bills and make purchases online. This can help cut back on how much paper is used, without compromising your personal security. If you already pay your bills online yet still receive paper statements, talk to your providers about going completely paperless.

Plant a garden

Gardens are a great way to eat organically while also helping to create more clean oxygen. If you live in an apartment or don't have room to grow plants outside, you could also try keeping green plants around the home to keep the air full of oxygen. Teleflora's Simply Elegant Spathiphyllum will add instant flair to your space. This plant, known as the peace lily, is a popular houseplant that lasts for a long time with proper care.

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