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How to Get the Most Out of Small Business Saturday

Instead of celebrating Black Friday, or along with shopping on this retail holiday, plenty of people do their holiday shopping on Small Business Saturday, which occurs the weekend after Thanksgiving. This year, Small Business Saturday falls on Nov. 30. On this day, small businesses may have extended store hours, promotional discounts and additional merchandise. If you’d like to support some small local businesses and get some holiday shopping done, check out some local stores to see where you can get the best deals! Here are our tips to get the most out of Small Business Saturday:

Check Social Media

Even though some local organizations don’t have a massive online presence, many others take advantage of social media when advertising their Small Business Saturday promotions and hours. If you’re looking for a particular item, try checking out the social media profile of a small business that offers it. Who knows – maybe they could be having a 20% off sale that you wouldn’t have known about otherwise!

Purchase from a Local Florist

Small-scale florists typically get good foot traffic on gift-giving holidays, particularly Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day. When you’d like to celebrate Small Business Saturday and also add a pop of color to your home, consider giving your business to a local florist.

Teleflora supports local florists by providing our customers with hand-arranged and hand-delivered bouquets from businesses in your area. So when you’re looking to purchase a lovely arrangement and support a small business but maybe aren’t in the area, you can order a flowers online from Teleflora. Check out some of our best sellers to find the right arrangement for your home.

Seek Out Sustainable Merchandise

As you’re already shopping with a purpose by giving your business to local organizations on this retail holiday, you can go above and beyond with your mindful shopping by seeking out sustainable brands and/or products. Some small businesses in your area specialize in offering services that are environmentally and/or socially conscious. Try to avoid “fast fashion” – inexpensive, massively-produced clothing – and shops that use excess plastic and other wasteful materials. Instead, check out small businesses that sell fair trade brands – or, better yet, organizations that make their own goods, with as few middle men as possible.

Make It an All-Day Ordeal

If you have plans to hit some local retailers for holiday shopping, extend Small Business Saturday from the moment you leave your house to the instance you get home with bags full of merchandise. Rather than stopping at your favorite chain shop for your morning coffee, try out a family-owned cafe in your town. And for lunch, give your business to a new mom-and-pop restaurant that opened in your area. If you need to do some grocery shopping, visit a local farmer’s stand for the freshest fruits and vegetables in your city. Just because they aren’t traditional retail shops doesn’t mean they don’t celebrate Small Business Saturday just the same.

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