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How to Decorate for Thanksgiving This Year

Do you want to transform your home into an idyllic space that’s perfect for family pictures and the oh-so-popular Thanksgiving food photo? The key to having a lovely, inviting space for your holiday feast is through tasteful and creative decorations. Here are some of our top ideas for sprucing up your home and decorating for Thanksgiving Day:

Use Pumpkin Name Tags

One of your duties of hosting Thanksgiving involves planning out where your guests should sit. If you have a large group of family members coming, you might split the seating arrangements in two – the adults’ table and the kids’ table – or you may decide to create a large table setting in which all age groups can mingle. Either way, creating table settings that establish where each of your guests should sit can save a headache come mealtime. We love the idea of using pumpkins as name tags for each table setting. You can either paint your guests’ names on miniature pumpkins or attach handwritten paper tags with ribbon. What makes this extra special is that each pumpkin serves as a party favor that your guests can take home with them.

Whimsical Place Settings

You can place some elegant pieces alongside the pumpkin name tags to create a beautiful, photogenic place setting for each of your guests. Along with your best cloth napkins and silverware, you might add some fun, ornamental items to your table. Something that can look nice and autumnal is a small piece of hay, wheat or another similar harvestable. Another nice detail you can add is a larger plate, often called a service plate. This makes your guests’ spots look more polished and can also catch some crumbs and stains before they make tough-to-clean marks on your tablecloth. Nice napkin holders are also a good investment piece if you’re planning on hosting holiday dinners in the future.

Chalkboard Menus

Having a list of the dishes being served as appetizers, entrees, side dishes and desserts can make it easier for guests to figure out what they want to pile on their plates. You can use some chalkboards you have lying around to write and display exactly what’s on the menu for the day. Or you can be extra crafty and use chalkboard paint to create your own chalkboards for the occasion. The best part about crafting chalkboard menus is that you can indicate which foods have ingredients that may trigger an allergic reaction in one of your guests. An asterisk on the menu next to that food item’s name can make it easier for guests with food allergies or intolerances to know exactly what to have and what to avoid.

Add Some Lovely Bouquets

The best way to add some color to your dining room table, foyer, restroom or kitchen is by adding a beautiful arrangement of fresh flowers. You can choose between warm-toned fall blooms in dainty vases and lush centerpieces that bring some nice vibrance to your dinner setting. Check out our Thanksgiving flowers for some inspiration and to select the right bouquet for your Thanksgiving table.

red lilies, orange roses, carnations, and more fill a thanksgiving centerpiece on a table with plates

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