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How to Create an Outstanding Thanksgiving Centerpiece for the Table

If this is your first year bringing family and friends together in your home, then it’s a milestone event to celebrate. And if this is the 20th holiday at your house, then congratulations on your hard work over the years! Now, everyone knows that having guests over for dinner can sometimes be a little bit stressful, but since more meals are potluck-style nowadays, some of the pressure is off the host. But besides the turkey, Thanksgiving’s piece de resistance is, for many people, the brilliant, bold and beautiful table centerpiece. Thanks to Pinterest, more people are getting crafty, and now via Instagram, we all want to share our pride in these wonderful creations. So, where does a host start? Here are a few ways that you can create a Thanksgiving centerpiece with ease:


Look to the Outdoors

Greenery, mini pumpkins and candles, when artfully arranged at the middle of your table, bring the season to life. Adding tall candles and decorating the base of each candle with some simple evergreen branches, pinecones and pumpkins is the perfect addition to a holiday tablescape. Pomegranates, apples and pears are other seasonal fruits you may also want to feature as part of the arrangement. Should you like to add a take-home gift for each guest, you can decorate with mini planter pots full of popular herbs. Write each attendee’s name on the outside of the pot if you would rather use those than seating charts, and accent the plants with pinecones, driftwood and other rustic, natural items.


Think About Family

If your grandparents’ old china is packed away in the basement, by all means bring it out. You’d probably like to clean the plates by hand, but it would be a charming addition to your table. To ensure that you keep the focus on family, decorate the center of the table with pretty, orange candles and framed pictures of relatives when they were young. If possible, gift one to each guest so they have a memory of the meal and of the past. Have creatively inclined children in your family? Ask them to design name cards for each guest so they can feel part of the decorating effort.


Awaken the Senses

Sights and smells are a huge part of the Thanksgiving meal. So why not focus your centerpiece around the senses? Start with a large bouquet or Thanksgiving flower arrangement bursting with beautiful, seasonal blooms in oranges, reds and yellows. Accent this with large, white pillar candles or hurricane lanterns with candles safely inside, and display gifts of decadent chocolates in clear bags around the perimeter. Guests will see the beautiful lights and flowers, smell the perfume and can taste the chocolates – it’s a holiday, after all!


With a bit of creativity and some help, your centerpiece will look quite lovely. But, no matter what, your Thanksgiving table itself will shine, because gathered around it will be loved ones, friends, family, and neighbors.

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