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How to Celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week at Your School

The week of May 6 through May 10 marks Teacher Appreciation Week 2019. During this week, administration and the PTA might put effort and resources toward showing educators appreciation for the hard work they put in every day in the academic year. Whether you’re part of the PTA or not, there are plenty of ways you can get involved in your school district’s Teacher Appreciation Week. Here are some of the best ways to show your gratitude for the professionals who spend almost as much time with your children as you do:

Create a Teacher Thank-You Bulletin

Get some of your parent friends involved in developing a massive thank-you card that can be displayed in the hallway near the front entrance. Once you get five or six parents involved, it shouldn’t be difficult wrangling more in to help decorate and sign a poster board. Even though signatures and notes from parents can be nice, teachers will be even more overjoyed when reading the kind notes and words of appreciation from their current and past students. Encourage your children to get involved in the bulletin by getting some of their friends to write short notes to their favorite educators.

Hold an Appreciative Brunch for Teachers and Staff Members

Get in touch with school administration to plan out a special breakfast or lunch for the teachers in your district. If the school’s budget doesn’t allow for a catered meal, offer to hold it as a potluck, with parents and administrators signing up to bring different food items, taking the burden off teachers and admin. Try to schedule this event during the next professional development day; that way, it doesn’t take away from time that teachers would normally spend grading, relaxing or holding class.

Chip in to Buy New Classroom Supplies

Many students and parents might be alarmed when they learn that a majority of public school educators purchase supplies for their classrooms with their own money. Because many people already consider teachers to be members of an underpaid profession, you might be able to get some other parents together to help your school district’s teachers purchase school supplies they can use in the 2019-2020 academic year. Think about what the teachers will need based on their grade level and academic discipline. For instance, a second grade teacher might go through markers and crayons rapidly, while a middle or high school teacher could use more grade books, clipboards, staplers, laminators or hole punches. Other often forgotten supplies teachers always need include tissue boxes, pens and pencils, folders, Post-It notes, dry erase markers, index cards and hand sanitizer.

Give Thoughtful Individual Presents

These suggestions are thoughtful ways to show appreciation for all teachers working in the school, but what if you want to offer your children’s teachers something extra? You might decide what to get your kids’ teachers based on their specialized academic disciplines. Or if your child knows something about a teacher’s hobbies or passions, you might provide them with a gift they might be able to use outside of the classroom, like a Starbucks gift card or something equivalent.

A thoughtful bouquet of flowers for teachers to brighten up a classroom desk is a gift any teacher would love. The bright hues of tulips, orchids, roses, carnations, or daisies will put them in high spirits during the final weeks of the school year, which can often be the most taxing for teachers.

Develop Spotlights on Teachers’ Out-of-School Pursuits

You don’t have to restrict these signs of appreciation to one single week of the year. Get in touch with administrators and find out how you can offer a suggestion to the school newspaper. Reach out to the editorial team, which may consist of students and/or faculty, and offer up the idea of publishing regular information about teachers’ successes outside of the classroom all year round. Not only will students think it’s really cool that their history teacher ran a half marathon or their art instructor is showcasing some of her work at a local gallery, it shows teachers that they are appreciated as people with their own independent pursuits, not just for what goes on between 7:30 and 3:00 every weekday.How to Celebrate Your School for Teacher Appreciation Weekyellow roses and carnations fill a gold cube vase on a table with thank you card

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