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How to Celebrate Share a Smile Day on March 1st

Every year on March 1st we celebrate Share a Smile Day, and it’s not only a day that encourages us to be more joyful but to share that happiness with those around us. Everyone could use a little extra sunshine in their life and Share a Smile Day is the perfect excuse to spread prosperity with the people that are most important to us. 

While you can celebrate with simple acts, like smiling at strangers, it’s always a good idea to go the extra mile. If you want to share a smile this March, here are some of our favorite ideas to consider: 

Compliment a Co-Worker

When it comes to compliments, we often don’t hear them enough, but they’re a simple way to make someone’s day. If you’re at work it might be a good idea to compliment a co-worker, congratulate them on a job well-done or even praise them for the value they add to your life. Any words of kindness will surely make them smile and remind them that you enjoy having them around. 

Take a Friend Out to Lunch

Our friends are generally some of the most important people in our lives, and sometimes it can be hard to see them as much as we’d like. This March, consider taking a friend out for lunch. This could be somewhere close to where they live, or you can go a step further and make reservations at their favorite restaurant. Not only will the offer of lunch make them smile, but they’re sure to appreciate the extra time with you.  

Surprise Friends or Family with a Phone Call

It can be difficult to spend quality time with loved ones who don’t live close by, but, luckily, the people we love are only a phone call away. Take the time to call friends or family that you don’t get to see often and ask them about their lives. Share a Smile Day might be the perfect excuse to catch up with some of your favorite people this year. You might not be able to see it, but a simple phone call will likely make their day and leave them smiling long after you’re done talking. 

Send Flowers to a Loved One

When it comes to making someone happy, you can never go wrong with flowers. Something bright and cheery like Teleflora’s Be Happy Bouquet with Roses is a great way to share a smile this March. With yellow roses, daisy spray chrysanthemums and Oregonia, this eye-catching arrangement will bring joy to any recipient. 

Or, consider Teleflora’s Upsy Daisy, featuring white and yellow daisy spray chrysanthemums to make a loved one’s day. Send an arrangement to a loved one at work or make sure it’s waiting for them when they get home. No matter where they place these beautiful bouquets they will certainly think of you and smile each time they see them. 

On March 1st, exceed expectations for Share a Smile day by spreading joy to those who mean the most. No matter how you choose to celebrate, your loved ones will cherish the thought you put into making them happy.

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