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How to Add Plants to Your Home

Plants just have a way of making a space feel more peaceful. The bright greens and different-textured leaves add a unique layer to an indoor environment. Perhaps that’s why a lot of office workers like to have plants in their cube, on a nearby windowsill, or in the breakroom. Plants are great. Plants feel soothing. And plants can form the integral part of your home decor, without making your apartment feel like a jungle. The key is to decorate with a variety of greenery. Here are a few tricks on how to add plants to your home that are easy and beautiful:

Play with Height
You can pick plants that are different heights and arrange them around your home, but what about actually placing plants at different shelf heights in your living room? Plants that require less light can be placed up on high shelves. The best selling plants for these areas tend to be cacti or ferns. If you have a small room, using floor-to-ceiling shelving and decorating each level with different plants can draw the eye up and create the illusion of space.tall fiscus tree
Showcase Beautiful Plants
Some plants have gorgeous shiny leaves, others trail delicately to the floor. If you have a breathtaking flowering plant, you will certainly want to show it off. Plants like these will look best on their own small side table, or on an otherwise empty shelf. Just be sure that nothing underneath will be ruined if it gets a little wet – you have to water your plants, after all!

Frame Your Window
Plants arranged either in or outside of a large window can bring the outdoors in and make a dull view more interesting. Intrepid gardeners may want to install a window box and look for plants that will thrive in fresh air. If you’re in an apartment up high, arrange potted plants on a sill or low shelf; plants can even be placed on a low bench just under a window. Here they will receive plenty of light and can give the impression of a little indoor garden.
plants in white dish
Fill the Corners
Plants need not be poised high above a room – in fact, some of the bestselling plants are large and low to the ground. To make these plants pop, look for unique planters and use them to decorate otherwise dull corners of your rooms. Bizarre plants and tall plants can be great for rounding out room decor and, as a bonus, plants that thrive in darker areas require less attention. So if you’re the kind of person who forgets to water their plants, invest in greenery that is suited to areas without indirect sunlight.

Plants are a pleasant addition to any home and can add a unique feeling of coziness and completion to a room’s decor. Be sure to select greenery that works with your style, and you’ll have some excellent natural accents to your space.

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