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How to host an elegant St. Patrick’s Day party

Parades and bar crawls are one way to celebrate, but you don’t need the luck o’ the Irish to throw a successful St. Patrick’s Day party. Have your friends join you for some green beer, shamrock-shaped appetizers and a game of lucky bingo. Don’t forget to give a little pinch to your friends who don’t wear green!

Get your St. Patty’s Day on with these DIY party tips that combine classic Irish traditions with a modern twist:

Shamrock wreath
Adorn your front door with a St. Patty’s-inspired wreath. First, purchase a grapevine wreath to use as the base. You can find this at your local art-supplies store. Next, fill the wreath with emerald-green flowers. Add in some Bells of Ireland, as this particular plant symbolizes luck. Simply thread the flowers through the vine until the wreath is completely filled. Voila! You just made your own wreath. Hang it on your door to welcome your guests to the party.

Floral centerpieces
Decorate your dining room table with an elegant bouquet of flowers. Teleflora’s St. Patrick’s Day Flowers are filled with vibrant green botanicals – and luck! Consider purchasing our Emerald Elegance Bouquet that’s arranged with yellow roses, alstroemeria, green carnations and button spray chrysanthemums accented with oregonia and leatherleaf fern. These refreshing flowers are potted in an emerald, mirrored-glass cube. The green vase is the perfect touch to your St. Patrick’s theme and can be reused for next year’s celebration!

Irish cocktails
It’s not a St. Patrick’s Day bash unless Irish whiskey is involved. Wow your guests with a traditional Irish cocktail that dates back to 1927. This classic drink is a combination of Irish whiskey, maraschino, orange curate, and a dash of absinthe and Angostura for some extra oomph. Top it off with a garnish such as a lemon twist or couple of olives. This cocktail ends sweet, so it pairs well with salty appetizers.

Tasty green snacks
In keeping with the green theme, serve appetizers that are all shades of this festive color. Put out some guacamole and spinach-artichoke dip with broccoli, snap peas, celery and green-tined chips. Go out on a limb and try making cilantro edamame hummus. Don’t forget to serve cabbage and corned beef for your main meal. After all, it’s a traditional Irish dish!

Boozy shakes
Transform that traditional Irish coffee into a milkshake and serve an Irish cream shake with all of your dessert goodies. All you need is coffee-flavored ice cream and Bailey’s Irish Cream. Blend it together, and this tasty drink is ready to be served! Top it off with some whipped cream, chocolate chips and, of course, a green straw.

Lucky treats
Our apologies to traditional Rice Krispies Treats, but this holiday recipe calls for Lucky Charms! These St. Patrick’s Day-themed Lucky Charms treats are quick and easy to make. They’re magically delicious, too! All you need is a box of Lucky Charms, a bag of jumbo marshmallows, butter, vanilla almond bark, shortening and green food coloring. Your kids can help you make these, too! Keep an eye on the treats though – we all know how tasty those Lucky Charm marshmallows are. You wouldn’t want them disappearing before the party starts now, would you?

Pot-of-gold party favors
Bestow luck upon your guests, and present them with a pot of gold at the end of the party. Fill a mason jar with green, gold and white candies. Tie a ribbon around each jar with the name of your guests written on a shamrock made of green construction paper. Just be sure the leprechauns don’t get to the candy jars before your guests do!

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