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Host Easter Celebrations at Your House without the Stress

If you plan on celebrating Easter this year, you might already have plans to attend someone else’s brunch or dinner. However, if your family hasn’t decided exactly what they’d like to do on this fun holiday, take the plunge and initiate your own Easter brunch, inviting extended family, close friends and neighbors. Here are some ways you can host your Easter celebration without the stress and all of the fun:


Get the Food Prepared in Advance for Less Stress

If you’re truly the hostess with the mostest and are making all of the food yourself, make sure you give yourself ample time to prepare each dish. Also, strategize exactly what time you’ll put certain items into the oven. You might decide to be creative with exactly how you’ll serve certain dishes to fit the Easter theme. For instance, you could put bread rolls into an Easter basket alongside colorful plastic eggs.


Serve It Up Buffet Style

Lighten your own burden by serving up brunch buffet-style rather than serving the guests up yourself. That way, your family and friends can pick and choose exactly what they’d like to eat, leading to less wasted food. Plus, an Easter buffet encourages seconds (or even thirds), keeping your guests full and happy.


Set the Mood with Festive Placemats

Nothing gives a plain brunch table some holiday flair like a set of seasonal placemats. Plenty of homegoods stores sell placemats of all colors and patterns, so you can find one that matches your ideal color scheme. If you’re feeling particularly crafty, make a visit to your local fabric store and get a few yards of material with patterns of flowers, Easter eggs or bunnies. Then grab a pair of scissors and get to work at making your own customized placemats. For ones that will last you through the season, you might want to sew the fabric edges for more durability.


Use Decorated Eggs as Name Cards

You can preset exactly where everyone will be sitting at your Easter brunch by using name cards. At Easter time, you should use decorated eggs as fun, festive substitutes to plain handwritten ones. Decorate your eggs in different colors and label them with each name of your brunch attendees. While this is a fun conversation starter, it also provides a nice benefit of creating a kids’ table without the hassle and complaining.


Allow Sweets During a Meal Just This Once

One of the major highlights of Easter is the tasty seasonal candies. Rather than saving them for dessert, use bowls of candy as decorations for your brunch table. That way, guests can pick at mini eggs and jelly beans before and during the meal. You might have enforced a “no sweets before dinner” rule to your children, but as it’s a holiday, there is always room for exceptions.

Complete the Look with a Floral Centerpiece

Once you’ve gotten the placemats, plates, silverware, napkins and decorations into place, you can top the table off with a fun centerpiece made up of Easter flowers. This provides the room with a necessary pop of color and even brings a nice fragrance into the dining area – that is, before you serve up all the delicious food!


Create an Easter Egg Hunt for All Ages

Egg hunts are restricted merely for little kids. If you have toddlers or young children in your family, you can go about a traditional hunt with eggs filled with candy and miniature toys. However, if your family is older and more mature, you might decide instead to lead an egg hunt with cash prizes and gift cards. Any “too cool for school” teenager won’t pass up the opportunity to find a five-dollar bill in an Easter egg. Hide the eggs in more challenging places, but keep track of where they’re all hidden so you don’t find a stray egg at Christmastime!Pink lilies, white roses, and more in clear vase on Easter table with chocolate

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