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Holiday Entertaining 101

The holidays are quickly approaching, meaning you might be rushing around planning the perfect party for your friends and family. While having people over is a lot of fun, there’s no denying that entertaining can be pretty stressful. Here are some tips for hosting a holiday party that is as stress-free as possible:


Nail Down the Guest List

Since there are so many social engagements to attend during the holidays, it’s important to get your invitations out at least a few weeks before the event, allowing everyone a decent amount of time to RSVP. Tell your guests to let you know if they plan to attend a week before the event if you’ll be cooking and at least a week and a half before if you’re having the party catered. This way, you’ll have time to follow up with people who didn’t RSVP and you won’t have to deal with unannounced guests.


The Day Before the Party

While it may be tempting to leave all prep to the morning of the party, that’s setting your day up for stress. If you’re having Christmas flower arrangements delivered, plan to have them arrive the day before the party so you can ensure they’re up to par with what you expect the decor to look like. It’s also a good idea to put the rest of the decorations up early as well, so you don’t have to rush around to do that when you’re trying to cook. While the main dishes should certainly be prepared the day of the party, don’t hesitate to look for appetizer recipes that will be easy to make the day before so you can get that out of the way as well.

Designate Enough Space

Chances are, you’ll have to rearrange your space quite a bit if you’ll be having a lot of people over. Designate a space for everyone to leave their coats and shoes. If there will be a gift exchange, have a place for guests to set down Christmas gifts too so they don’t awkwardly have to carry them around the party. Save yourself the extra stress, and close off any rooms you don’t want people in. Having specific rooms designated for the party will keep the clean up simple and organized, in addition to being able to monitor the party better.

If you ordered a surplus of flowers or any other type of decoration that could be used throughout the rest of the holiday season, ask the lingering guests if they’d like to take them off your hands! Don’t be shy with your decorating though before the end of the night. Every good holiday party has unforgettable decorations that make for a merry and bright season!

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