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Have fun with chrysanthemums in November

November is one of the most lively months of fall as it is typically still sunny and bright and is the month in which Thanksgiving is celebrated. Despite the fact that November is the gateway to winter, the flower of November, the chrysanthemum, makes things a bit brighter.

These lovely flowers, also commonly referred to as mums, is a close relative of the daisy. The oldest variety of the blossom is the Chinese chrysanthemums, which were first cultivated nearly 2,500 years ago, ListOfBirthstones.com reports. The flowers have a long history and come in a large variety of colors and sizes.

There are nine specific categories of mums including the quill, daisy, decorative, buttons, pom pom, spoon, cushion, spider and anemone.  The flowers have also been found to have healing powers, including helping to ease anxiety and from issues like the flu.

A bouquet of flowers like Teleflora’s Natural Wonders is sure to spruce up your home, while embracing the lovely chrysanthemums. This arrangement of green carnations, roses and mums is lovely and gives off a natural, fresh vibe – perfect for enhancing the home during winter.

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Your Special Day Birthday Chrysanthemum Bouquet

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