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Hanging Flower Arrangements Trend for 2017

The traditional bouquet will always be a classic. It’s a romantic gesture, can serve as an apology, and is just a nice way to say, hello. With so many different receptacles for your flowers, a bouquet will never be boring: vases, baskets, pots, and even old knick-knacks can be used to hold your favorite blooms anywhere around the house. But what about a different way to decorate with flowers? How about starting to hang them. We are loving hanging plants this year because they’re just so darn adaptable. If you haven’t considered them before, here are some ideas of where to use hanging flower arrangements:

Small Porches
Strapped for space but want some nature around? A hanging arrangement is the perfect compliment to a small porch space. You can have your flowers suspended and smell their fresh fragrance without losing precious porch real estate. If your home is high up in an apartment block, the hanging arrangement will bring the nature to you.

Upcoming Nuptials
Why not consider a hanging arrangement over your guests’ tables as wedding decorations? It might take a little bit more wrangling and imagination, but if your venue is in a renovated barn or older building, the ceilings may be low enough to support hanging flower arrangements. Check with your wedding planner, but keep the idea at the front of your mind. And remember: the centerpiece can be a great take-home gift if guests make the request.

At the Front Door
A small hanging flower arrangement can provide an excellent seasonal accompaniment to your front door area. It’s fairly easy to attach a hook to the wall by the door, and you can either choose plants that will thrive in a variety of weathers, or just pick temporary arrangements. Why not match the colors of the season? Ferns and evergreens will look charming in the winter, while bright and bold flowers can accentuate the summer months.

For a Bedridden Friend
A friend or family member who has fallen ill would likely appreciate some charming blooms to cut the gloom. Try a hanging arrangement which can be placed near their bed, preferably by a window. Bringing a little of the outside inside can brighten their situation and let them know you they are in your thoughts.

At a Dinner Party
Having friends over for dinner? Why not decorate with a hanging flower arrangement? It can look grand over the table, or if you have a mantle, perhaps it can be mounted there – of course, only if you are not using your fireplace.

Wherever you choose to add a pop of color with a hanging arrangement, it will certainly add a modern twist on plants and flowers. Hanging arrangements are versatile, multi-purpose and definitely attractive.

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  1. Mary Smith says

    Beautiful flowers! thanks for sharing the recent trends for the floral arrangements. They look amazing and i am surely going to try some of them. Keep sharing.

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    This article is really good. It has given me new idea of decorating my house in new style with flowers during any celebrations . And i also came to know the meaning of flowers of different seasons and used in different occasions.

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    The most amazing thing I liked in this post is that I got to know the value of each flower, what does it signify, Meaning of each color. It was really good to read this. Thank you!

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