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Guide to Choosing The Best Edible Flowers

Photo Cred: Garden Collage

When’s the last time you nibbled on some flower petals? It may seem strange, but fresh blooms like lavender, hibiscus, lilac, carnations, chamomile, elderflower and marigold can add a gorgeous floral flavor to cocktails, salads and desserts. Get inspired with these ways to decorate and flavor your drinks and dishes with flowers:


Frozen Florals

For a refreshing and aesthetically pleasing spring or summer treat, freeze the blooms in water to make decorative ice cubes. They’re perfect for entertaining, adding a gorgeous element to punch bowls, pitchers or individual glasses. Here’s a guide to floral ice cubes from Martha Stewart to get your started.


Take your frozen florals up on a notch with flower ice pops. Simply fill popsicle molds with any light-colored juice or tea, such as lemonade or coconut juice. Rinse the edible flowers, then sprinkle them into each mold. Freeze them for about two hours and then enjoy! Check out the full recipe from Garden Collage to create these impressive popsicles. For a boozy popsicle version, Almost Makes Perfect that uses white wine instead of juice.


Colorful Salads

Sprinkle edible flowers on top of your salads just like you do cheese, onions, cucumbers, strawberries or other ingredients. Along with a vibrant pop of color, they add their distinctive floral taste. With a slight peppery and citrusy flavor, marigolds are a perfect edible flower for dressing salads. Chive flowers add a tangy and fresh flavor, while chrysanthemums have a grassy sweet taste that will also pair well with salads. Additionally, you can add edible flowers to flavored oils for a twist on your usual salad dressing.


Blooming Cocktails

If you’re looking to add a touch of fancy to your cocktails, edible flowers are the answer. They’re a go-to elegant garnish, but they’re also perfect for infusing your favorite drinks with a floral twist. You can muddle the flowers like you would mint for mojitos. Once you can smell them, you’re ready to add your other ingredients. Alternatively, you can make a natural simple syrup with edible flowers. Check out this guide to flower-infused cocktails from Greatist for more tips and recipes, including frozen hibiscus margaritas, chamomile honey and whiskey and a cucumber rose Tom Collins.


Flowers for Dessert

Add a few petals to your favorite sweets and watch as they go from ordinary to extraordinary. Plus, flowers are the perfect addition to sprinkle some springtime flair into your homemade cakes and cookies. You can start simple with an angel food cake. Add a glaze on top of the cake and use it as “glue” to arrange edible flowers on the top. Or, try this easy shortbread cookie recipe from Sugar and Charm, which calls for floral garnishes that elevate these simple cookies into gorgeous sweet treats.


Remember that not all flowers are edible, so don’t go too crazy with every petal in your garden. Some can even trigger allergic reactions for people who have seasonal or plant allergies. Research flowers before using them as garnishes or cooking ingredients. Once you get the green light, have fun with these gorgeous flowery additions!

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