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Graduation Gifts for Your Recent Graduate

This year is certainly a strange one for high school and college graduates. Instead of walking across the stage to accept the diploma and celebrating with loved ones at a graduation party, many of these successful scholars are instead attending virtual ceremonies and Zoom calls with family members who are recognizing their accomplishments from afar.

All 2020 graduates should be honored just as much as those who graduated in the past and those who will graduate in the future when the pandemic passes. Here are a few graduation gifts for a graduate who isn’t having a traditional graduation party:

Gather Friends and Family for a Virtual Graduation Toast

Sure, any recent graduate would rather get together with family and friends to talk about his or her accomplishments over drinks and appetizers, but these strange times are making it a bit more difficult to achieve this in person. A virtual toast, however, is a trendy way to celebrate from the comfort of your own couch. Talk to a group of close friends and family members about setting a date and time for the meeting and set something up for a video chat.

Gift an Outing Opportunity to be Used After Graduation

While restaurants, bars and other public establishments for socializing have begun to reopen across the country, many people are still hesitant to meet with others in public under the current restrictions and guidelines. Instead of putting the pressure on the graduate to meet in public now, send a gift card to his or her favorite dining establishment to use in the future.

Arrange a Graduation Day Drive-By Parade

Another popular trend that emerged amidst the pandemic are personal parades. From birthdays to anniversary celebrations, groups across the country have organized an event of driving to the guest of honor’s home for a quick wave and cheer. This is a great opportunity to celebrate recent graduates as well.

Throw a Small, Socially Distant Graduation Get-Together

The large party may be out of the question, but a small, backyard gathering is totally achievable with the right guidelines in place. Just make sure to keep the guest list small and encourage those attending to respect social distancing. If you want to add a special touch to the celebration, make it a surprise for the graduate.

Send a Congratulatory Bouquet of Graduations Flowers

Many can agree that flowers are a timeless gift, and at Teleflora, we take pride in knowing our bouquets are the perfect gift for any occasion. From a simple dozen roses to an extravagant bunch of wildflowers, we have plenty of different graduation bouquets to send to the recent graduate in your life as a means of congratulations.red, pink, and purple roses full a clear vase wrapped in leaves

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