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Gifts Your Coworkers Will Love

You see them almost every day of the week, but you inevitably know some better than others. From work besties to quiet cubicle neighbors, you’re hoping to find an array of affordable yet thoughtful gifts for your coworkers. Get inspired with these ideas:


The Go-To Gifts

Some easy and inexpensive gifts to keep in mind:

  • Travel mugs
  • Reusable water bottles
  • Calendars
  • Desk supplies
  • Books
  • Candles
  • Lip balm
  • Body scrubs and lotions
  • Drink and bar accessories
  • Gift sets
  • Gift cards


Add a touch of their style to these gifts for a more thoughtful, personal present. The key is to pick up on a particular interest or aesthetic that fits them. Maybe a rose gold business card holder, animal-shaped desk supplies or trendy containers for their odds-and-ends. For those who enjoy a drink, consider bottle openers, reusable corks and cocktail kits. If they’re a creative spirit, get them a mini Buddha board or colored pens. Movie buffs will love a gift card to a local, independent theater. Gifts like calendars and sticky notes feel less generic if you choose a pattern you know your coworker will love. Even better, try to get similar items in several designs so you can distribute them throughout the office. Your colleagues will appreciate how you chose a particular pattern you felt suited them.


If you don’t know them very well, simple gifts like journals, candles, lip balms, lotions, gift cards and beauty sets always work. Other options are portable chargers and spare headphone sets to keep at the office.


Life is Better When You’re Laughing

The workplace is a great place for gag and novelty gifts, especially if you’re having an office-wide exchange. As long as you steer clear of anything offensive, funny gifts typically go down well. Think quirky items like scalp massagers, desk buttons with talking messages, fidget spinners and funny name plates, like “Boss Lady,” “I’m kind of a big deal,” “Nope,” and “Ask Me…about my cats.” Silly office supplies and anything with a humorous quote will work too, such as sticky notes, staplers, mini signs and socks. Desktop games like golf, bowling, basketball and brainteaser puzzles are perfect for fun, midday breaks. If they chuckle when they open it, you know you did well!


Food is The Key to Hearts

We all love free food! Chocolate boxes, cookie tins, tea and coffee gift sets and gourmet tasting collections make great gifts for any colleague. If you’re a talented cook or baker, wrap up some homemade goodies. Your coworkers will also appreciate gift cards to local restaurants. If you’re the boss, consider taking everyone out for celebratory food and drinks.


Gifts from Around the World

Your colleagues will love gifts from places they’ve never been. If you’ve traveled anywhere during the year and have extra souvenirs, consider gifting them to someone you think would enjoy that destination. Plus, if you’re from another state or country, find iconic gifts from there. To your coworkers, you’re an expert on that particular place and they’ll appreciate the authenticity of the gift. Things like British tea, Parisian wine, Israeli jewelry, Kenyan coffee, Hawaiian chocolates, Georgia pecans and Miami art prints spread a taste of international holiday cheer.


Everyone Loves Flowers

Plants and flowers add a lively touch to any space. They’re actually natural air purifiers and mood boosters, so they’ll be sure to brighten the office space. Spread beautiful holiday spirit by ordering winter bouquets for your coworkers. Choose one with a collectable container they can use next year, like a vintage sleigh, pearl ornament jar or festive Thomas Kinkade keepsake. If they don’t celebrate Christmas, consider an elegant, winter snow bouquet. Pro tip: don’t wait until the last minute! Order now and choose a delivery date to make sure you get the bouquets you want as supplies tend to run out pretty quickly during the holiday season.


Whether your office organized a gift exchange or you’re in the mood to spread the holiday cheer, these gifts will make your coworkers smile a little brighter!

red roses and carnations, greenery, and pinecones in ornament jar vase

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