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Easter is right around the corner and things are ramping up here at City Line Florist in New Hyde Park, New York. We have been family-owned for three generations and have been in New Hyde Park for over 60 years, making us the oldest established florist in the area! We have also been a Teleflora member for more than 40 years.

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As we prepare for the Easter holiday, we have brought in rows upon rows of bright and fresh spring blooms. Today we are preparing a number of Teleflora’s Easter Bouquets: the Happy Dots Bouquet and Spring Tulip Pitcher Bouquet. Like all Teleflora bouquets, these are prepared by a professional floral designer allowing us to place our unique, creative touch on each bouquet we hand-deliver to our customers. The bright Happy Dots Bouquet features pink roses, yellow daisy spray chrysanthemums, and lavender matsumoto asters arranged in a playful cube. Pictured here we have our floral designer Bill Lykos cutting each flower individually and beautifully arranging them into a stunning bouquet. The special attention dedicated to each bouquet not only makes for a lovely arrangement, but also helps the flowers last longer because they have been tended to properly.

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Teleflora’s Spring Tulip Pitcher features white daisies, pink roses, and purple alstroemeria arranged in a unique, tulip-shaped pitcher. The keepsake container is a great gift that can be used all year long. These bouquets are hand-delivered, so they are ready to enjoy and are sure to put a smile on your recipient’s face! Flowers instantly brighten up any room and these bouquets are definitely no exception.


In addition to our holiday-centered bouquets, we also pride ourselves in creating themed floral displays fit for any occasion. While they take a bit more time to create, we love getting our creative juices flowing as they make each arrangement unique and leave a lasting impression.

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Remember, every time you order from Teleflora, you support a local florist like City Line!

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