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Get sassy with sunflowers

Sunflowers are a sure sign of summer as these happy and tall blooms are big, bold and beautiful. SunflowerGuide.com reports these gorgeous flowers are more than just pretty on the outside – they are also quite amazing for other reasons.

Sunflowers resemble one huge flower from a glance, but in fact each sunflower head is home to hundreds of tiny individual flowers called florets. Because of this, a single sunflower is actually called a "bunch." The bold yellow color many people have come to love also has an important role in keeping the florets safe. The petals are actually protective leaves that cover the center of the head as it grows, allowing the individual florets to flourish.

Although sunflowers are quite unique in their function, their beauty is still what captivates people around the nation each summer. You can bring a little piece of the sun indoors with a bouquet like Here Comes The Sun by Teleflora. This arrangement of towering blossoms, including sunflowers, roses, snapdragons and viburnum, are sure to add a perfect pop of color in any room.

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