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Get ready for Canadian Thanksgiving

Americans may have a few months to start planning for the Thanksgiving holiday, but their friends to the north need to start preparing now. Canadian Thanksgiving takes place on October 8 this year, leaving hosts, guests and friends only a few weeks left to start getting ready.

Surprisingly, the very first Thanksgiving in North America actually took place in Canada when explorer Martin Frobisher arrived in Newfoundland from England in 1578, KidszWorld.com reports. Frobisher hosted the gathering to give thanks for his safe arrival in the new world. This celebration was hosted a whopping 43 years before the pilgrims landed in Plymouth, Massachusetts.

Despite the variety in dates, the American and Canadian Thanksgiving celebrations are quite similar – both have parades, family gatherings, turkey and all of the fixings. A great way to honor a Canadian friend on this special day is to send Thanksgiving flowers to their home on the date – even if they currently live stateside. An arrangement like Teleflora's Autumn Bouquet is sure to impress. This collection of peach roses, dark orange lilies, yellow sunflowers and leaves dazzle on their own, yet are even more fabulous thank in part to the hand-blown art glass vase the flowers come in. 

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