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Which Flowers Smell Best

Fragrant Floral Arrangements – Which Flowers Smell Best

Invite the scents of a garden into your home. For a flower bouquet that smells as good as it looks, choose the right blooms. Teleflora has countless arrangement options to suit any style! Whether you like sweet, cloying scents or earthy, natural fragrances, here is a guide to help you decide which flowers smell best:


If your style is more on the earthy side, opt for Teleflora’s collection of Zen-inspired displays like the Peaceful Zen Garden succulents. Add a soothing element to any room in your house with jade green succulents that are arranged together in a contemporary brown bamboo container. Smooth river rocks and river cane are scattered in between for a natural look.

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Peaceful Zen Garden succulents


For a sweet treat, showcase the lovely lily! Teleflora’s Smiles for Miles bouquet is the perfect way to invite a delicate scent into your home. Bright and cheery yellow asiatic lilies, sunny roses, gladioli and miniature carnations are all nestled in a modern brown bamboo box. Delicate green button spray chrysanthemums, carnations and variegated pittosporum accent the arrangement for added color and dimension.

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Smiles for Miles Bouquet


Make a bold statement with some beautifully scented roses in Teleflora’s So Pretty Bouquet. This collection of flowers will fill any room with fragrance. Plump yellow roses and lacy white hydrangeas are mixed with delicate yellow alstroemeria and fresh greenery. This bouquet will offer a deliciously strong scent for you to enjoy in your home.

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So Pretty Bouquet


Invite the outdoors into your house with Teleflora’s Violets and Butterflies arrangement. You won’t be overwhelmed with the subtle scent from two luscious African violets that sit in a basket decorated with a bold purple bow. Pretty purple butterflies dance above the basket that you can reuse again and again.

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Smiles for Miles Bouquet

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