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Flowers for the Taurus in Your Life Starting April 20th

Spring is finally here, which means you’re probably celebrating a special Taurus in your life soon. Starting April 20th, this earth sign takes the reins until May 20th. Those born under this sign are thought to be calm, reliable, patient, affectionate and determined, and this year, your favorite Taurus deserves a gift as special as they are.

Luckily, when it comes to a gift for this earth sign, you can never go wrong with a ravishing arrangement of fresh flowers. Flowers are always a great option for the Taurus in your life, who is likely known for being warmhearted and connected to nature. These individuals are ruled by Venus, the goddess of love, which means roses and lilies are fitting options that appeal to their romantic side. When choosing the right bouquet keep in mind red flowers symbolize love, yellow typically express friendship and peach colors embody gratitude.

If you’re looking for the perfect bouquet to celebrate your favorite Taurus, here are our recommendations:

Add Color to Their Life with a Radiant Arrangement

For something bright and bold, consider Teleflora’s Savannah Blush Bouquet. This arrangement features pink Asiatic lilies, hot pink roses, green carnations, miniature pink carnations, and green button spray chrysanthemums to add a burst of life to any space it’s in. These vivid colors are an eye-catching reminder of how much you care.

Or, Teleflora’s Blush Life Bouquet might do the trick. With green hydrangeas, hot pink roses, pink spray roses, peach Asiatic lilies, and pink alstroemeria, these sweet flowers will surely make their day. Your favorite earth sign will love these blushing beauties and they won’t soon forget how the gift made them feel.

Consider a Classic Bouquet Option That Always Works

If the Taurus in your life prefers something classic, then Teleflora’s Desert Sunrise Bouquet might be exactly what you’re looking for. Reminiscent of a beautiful desert sunrise, this arrangement includes peach roses, white Asiatic lilies, peach miniature carnations, and white stock as the perfect chic statement for any of their favorite spaces at home. These blooms will also serve as the perfect reminder of your affection every time they see them.

Teleflora’s Arrive In Style bouquet may also be a fitting option for your favorite earth sign. This exquisite arrangement is a vision of classic elegance with light pink roses, white Asiatic lilies, white alstroemeria and white cushion spray chrysanthemums. The Taurus in your life will appreciate the gift and adore its stunning simplicity.

While spring continues on, it’s the perfect time to honor your favorite earth sign with a gift they’ll love — flowers. You can never go wrong with a stunning bouquet, especially for the Taurus who surely loves a touch of nature in their home. No matter what gift you get them this April, they’ll certainly cherish the thought and sentiment.

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