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Flower Safety Tips During Fire Prevention Week

Flowers creep into holiday decor at all times of the year. Super Bowl time, people scout out blooms in their team’s colors. When spring comes, the house becomes a bower of daffodils, and around the Fourth of July, red, white and blue blossoms grace our abodes. In the fall, Halloween-themed bouquets provide a festive air, and at Christmas, holly, poinsettias, and red roses take over the home.


Some of us like to plan where we place our flower arrangements. Vases grace coffee tables, bookshelves, nightstands and even the kitchen island. And if you’re feeling really adventurous, you can simultaneously have flowers in all of these locations and more. At the same time, it’s probably a good idea to arrange your bouquets with a bit of responsibility, especially in the kitchen or near an open fireplace. Being that Fire Prevention week runs from October 8th through October 14th, here are a few flower safety tips to help when you’re displaying your flowers and plants around your home.


Watch Candles and Flowers

Scented or decorative candles add a burst of warmth and a sparkle to any room. It isn’t a great idea to stick them by your flowers though, no matter how attractive the effect. A sudden gust of wind or a small accident and the flower arrangement can go up in flames. From there, a small fire can quickly spread so, in other words, keep flowers and candles on separate tables.


Flowers Don’t Need to Stay Warm

When the weather gets a little bit more chilly, it’s time to turn on the heat – at least, that’s how many people in parts of the country feel. It can be tempting to place a vase fireside or move a space heater closer to you even with a pretty bouquet close by on the table. Both are just not good ideas. The flowers by the fire can catch aflame, and the space heater may cause the pretty blooms to overheat and spark. Put the flowers up on the mantle, above the fireplace, if you want them to be together, and move your vase away from any heating implements. Better safe than sorry.


Get Ready for Christmas

The holidays are just around the corner. Since many people like to decorate with greenery and plants, homeowners should watch where their tree is placed and to be mindful of the lights used for decoration. Trees should not be blocking any exits or entrances and be at least 3 feet away from any heat source. Before purchasing lights, check to be certain that they are listed by a qualified testing laboratory, and always turn them off at night before retiring. And, always remember to keep your tree watered. The more brittle it gets, the more of a hazard it becomes.


Any time of the year, decorating your home with flowers and plants can be a fun, safe experience. Just pay attention, don’t do anything silly for that perfect Instagram picture, and your home will look beautiful and remain safe.

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