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Flower Picks for August Weddings

August is the height of wedding season, and if you're looking to tie the knot during this summer month, it's important to find the right flowers to accompany the festivities. Find flowers that are in season and complement the time of year. Flowers that bloom in summer will ensure your wedding goes off without a hitch. Using seasonal floral delights also helps to differentiate your wedding from the crowd of others. Here are a few flower recommendations for August weddings:

These gorgeous summer flowers provide stellar color that's perfect for an August outdoor wedding. Due to their large heads, sunflowers have a big personality that provide a rustic, seasonal feeling of warmth. Sunflowers are also known for being tough, so they'll look good and keep their shape all day under the hot sun. 

Freesias originated from South Africa and are native to tropical climates, so you know they can stand the August heat. These flowers are great for summer weddings because they come in a wide range of colors, including yellow, white, pink, red, orange and lavender. Additionally, freesias are a popular aromatic component of soaps, lotions and perfumes due to their clean floral scent that anyone can enjoy.

Gerbera daisies
These perennial plants are a great buy for summer weddings because they are sturdy. These flowers last for a long time once they are cut. Gerbera daisies come in numerous vibrant colors and have large heads that look great in arrangements. The composition and color make them a classic, clean and aesthetically pleasing selection. 

These plants have a broad color palette, but specifically produce beautiful blue and violet flowers. Irises also come in white and yellow for those seeking more neutral colors. In Greek mythology, Iris is the goddess of the rainbow. Irises have natural ruffled and textural appearance that gives them extra depth, and they bloom in summer, making them perfect for an August celebration. 

Sweet pea
This flower was popular for bridal bouquets in the 1800s. Sweet peas are both visually stunning and emit a wonderful scent that is often used in perfume. Also, sweet peas are used as a term of endearment, so they're a great symbol for exchanging vows and expressing love. Considered an underrated wedding flower, sweet peas could also make your ceremony unique.

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