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Flower Bouquets for Career Milestones

Spring is the time of year when people are coming out of hibernation and looking for new opportunities. This often means new leads on career possibilities, applying to new jobs and making big changes, all in the hopes of living a fuller and more satisfying life. And let’s face it – your job has a huge impact (sometimes too much it seems) on your well-being, both emotionally and financially. That’s why landing a better gig can result in a big change in attitude and overall happiness. 

Achieving a new milestone – or taking a step up on the corporate ladder – is something to celebrate, both for yourself and for others. While some folks prefer a nice dinner, a gift card to the new hotspot in town or even just a relaxing night at home, one of the best ways to say “awesome job” is a bouquet of flowersHere are a few popular flower bouquets for career milestones that signify success:

Fresh Flourish Bouquet
What do you get when you mix pink, purple and lime green flowers in an exclusive lavender vase? That would be the Fresh Flourish Bouquet from Teleflora. Complete with lilies, chrysanthemums, roses, eucalyptus and more, this bouquet is typically purchased for celebrations. What better time is there to celebrate than getting a new job?

pink, green, and purple flowers in purple vase
Sunny Day Pitcher of Daisies
This cheerful bouquet is great not only for its vibrant, springtime colors, but also for its keepsake vase. That’s because the Sunny Day Pitcher of Daisies comes with an array of classic white daisies and yellow solidago inside a ceramic pitcher. When gifting or receiving, you can use the pitcher as a decorative item or to serve water or juice later on in the season.

white daisies in yellow pitcher vase
Teleflora’s Pretty in Peony

Peonies are only in bloom from April to June, and during that time they are one of the most breathtaking and fragrant flowers on the market. Since they stand for prosperity and are only available for a short period, they make for the perfect congratulations bouquet for a big accomplishment. The Pretty in Peony bouquet pairs pink peonies with pillowy white hydrangeas in a delicate pink cube vase. Whether for yourself or someone special in your life, this is a real treat.

pink peonies in pink cube vase

Pleased as Punch Bouquet
As the name suggests, you’ll be pleased as punch upon receiving this bouquet in recognition of your new career path. One of the brightest and most vibrant arrangements available, Pleased as Punch combines hot pinks, oranges, greens, purples, yellows and more into a delicate bouquet – plus, the Mercury Glass vase can be saved and reused for other bouquets in the future.

bright pink, orange, and yellow flowers in silver mercury vase
If you’ve made a big jump in your career, finally got a promotion, or just want to sit back and treat yourself for your hard work, do so in the company of a Teleflora flower delivery.

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