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Favorite Health Benefits of Flowers

Doctor’s orders: treat yourself to a bouquet of flowers. Beyond their good looks and sweet scents, there are quite a few surprising health benefits of flowers. Read on to learn a few of our favorites.


  1. Easy Breathing

Do you remember your high school biology class? Plants emit the oxygen our bodies need and love, while we exhale the carbon dioxide that they readily eat up. By purifying and detoxifying the air, this symbiosis helps us breathe better. Plus, plants naturally release water into the air, which introduces a healthy level of humidity. This helps improve minor health conditions, such as sore throats, dry skin, coughs and blocked nasal passages.


Keep in mind that you may be allergic to some flowers and the pollen they produce, which unfortunately does the opposite for your breathing. Find the ones that don’t affect your allergies and never turn back!


  1. Reduced Stress and Anxiety

There’s a reason a nap under the sun in the park can be so revitalizing: connections with nature promote mental health and happiness. When we’re surrounded by greenery and flowers, we immediately feel less stressed. Bouquets especially boost positive feelings because we often associate them with thoughtful gifts, special occasions and happy events.


Take it a step further and grow your own flowers. Gardening is believed to help with depression, anxiety and stress.


  1. Mood Booster

Along with lower levels of stress and anxiety, flowers provide a dose of happiness and energy. Some of this stems from mental recognition, where different flowers and colors can encourage concentration and focus by stimulating the mind and senses.


Adding bright colors and natural elements to your home and office provides the visual stimulation you need to be more productive. Plus, as they oxygenate and purify the air, flowers promote improved cognitive function, including memory retention.


  1. Calming Sensation

The soothing properties of flowers can aid in relaxation and healing. Specifically, chamomile can help soothe your headaches, plus improve sleep and digestion patterns. Lavender especially evokes a calming sensation, making it the perfect plant for relaxation and a better night’s rest. Lavender water can even calm your skin and treat acne. Rosemary sprigs can also relieve headache pain and tension.

If you’re considering sending someone get well flowers, you should absolutely do so! Research shows that flowers create better healing environments for hospital patients, as recovery happens much quicker when they are calm and relaxed.


Now you know a few health benefits of flowers. Next time you’re feeling down, lift your spirits with flowers!

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