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Fall Flower Bouquets to Buy

While most flowers bloom in the spring and summer, it’s always a pleasant surprise when your flower bed has some unexpected sprouts in the fall. Not only is it nice to watch flowers bloom as the trees change color, but you can also clip these flowers to keep fresh flowers in your home. Here are a few fall flowers you have to look forward to this season:


Asters: Asters are small flowers that grow in vibrant pinks and blues in sunny gardens. Though your summer blooms may be dying off, the look of these flowers makes it feel like the heat is still hanging around, despite the changing leaves.


Black-eyed Susans: These golden yellow flowers with a dark center are the perfect autumn blooms. Think of them as the fall version of the sunflower – they’re in the same family. They’ll sprout toward the end of the summer, and stick around until the ground begins to frost. Hopefully the weather doesn’t cool down too quickly and you get a good couple of months of Black-eyed Susans in your garden!


Fall crocus: While most crocuses bloom in the spring, there’s a special species that peaks as the summer heat is dwindling down. They tend to be a little smaller and less vibrant than the spring ones, but still make a gorgeous addition to your fall bouquets.


Inula: Inulas are perky yellow flowers that will continue to bloom until October. They have a similar look to a black-eye Susan, but have dark yellow centers and longer, thinner petals. While most species of inulas are perennials, you may be able to find an annual variety at your local nursery.


Sedums: While “sedum herbstfrude” is the scientific name for these vibrant red bunches of foliage are colloquially known as “autumn joys.” They make a fantastic addition to any autumnal bouquet and add some pizzazz bunches of green foliage. Autumn joy will begin blooming in the late summer and last well into the fall. Other seasonal foliage includes dried oak and millet, featured in the Fall Fantasia bouquet.


Mums: There are so many varieties of mums that they’re hard to keep track of! These flowers typically bloom in the late summer and last through the fall. The most common mums that people grow in their gardens are chrysanthemums, which are featured in the Burst of Autumn and Sugar Maple bouquets.


Enjoy the final weeks of summer with your favorite seasonal flowers, but take advantage of new blooms once the days start getting cooler. Fall has more to offer than caramel apples and turkey! If you need a little more inspiration, check out Teleflora’s fall bouquets and fill your house with autumn.

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