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Fabulous flowers to try in your garden

Fabulous flowers to try in your garden

Flowers such as roses, lilies and peonies are classics that add life to your garden. While there is nothing wrong with planting such blooms, wouldn't it be nice to help your garden stand out from the rest of the neighborhood? Those daring enough to get creative with their outdoor space might want to consider planting a few options listed by the experts at the North Shore of Long Island to show off some fabulous flowers all summer long. Here are a few blossoms that might spice up your yard in a flash.


According to the news outlet, the coneflower, real name Echinacea, is a perennial that is a part of the aster family. These flowers tend to grow best in the eastern part of the country, though with a bit of TLC, they may thrive wherever you live. You might already be familiar with certain varieties of this flower, including some that resemble daisies and boast dark centers, but other types are much more unique.

Coneflower Photo Credit: Better Homes & Gardens

For example, the passion flute stands out for its spoon-shaped petals, while the double decker breed features the daisy look, times two, creating a "twin-like" flair that is sure to impress onlookers. 


This perennial, formerly known as aquilegia, is a North American flower that supplies nourishment to a variety of butterflies and caterpillars. The pros at Better Homes and Gardens magazine report these petite blooms may be small, but their bold and vibrant colors help them feel very grand in a garden setting or a bouquet in the home. 

columbine blooms
Columbine Photo Credit: Ellen Barcel

The precious Columbine blossoms come in a wide variety of eye-catching colors including red, peach and yellow, as well as blues, whites and pinks. These flowers thrive in sunny areas with partial shade coverage and need moist, well-drained soil to survive. Enjoy their beauty while it lasts, because these little flowers don't bloom for long, but due to their self-seeding ability, they tend to create their own hybrid styles each year.

Sea holly

The sea holly, real name eryngium, is also a perennial that loves sunlight and entices butterflies. According to North Shore of Long Island, Sea Holly blooms boast a blue and white color and are able to survive in dry climates, not to mention they're lovely in a bouquet or even used for dried flower projects.

The sea holly is native to Iran and the Caucasus regions, while they tend to grow between 18 and 36 inches in height. Colorado State University reports American versions of the plant tend to produce longer, narrow leaves, while the European varieties boast shorter, more stout leaves, making it easy to tell the origin of each type.

Sea Holly
Sea Holly Photo Credit: Better Homes Gardens

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