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Escape the cold weather with tropical flowers

The dark, cold days of winter are almost here and for many around the nation this season sparks the need for heavy sweaters, fur boots and plenty of cocoa and tea to stay warm. Even though there is no way to ward off or prevent the snow, sleet and wind from coming, there are a few ideas for making yourself feel like it's still summer.

Sprucing up your home decor to infuse feelings of warmth is a great way to forget about Jack Frost nipping at your nose. You could create a spa-like setting in your bathroom by getting specialty soaps in scents like coconut or pina colada so when you soak in your tub you can pretend you're on a tropical vacation.

Another easy way to transform your space is to order tropical online flowers that will get delivered directly to your door. A tranquil arrangement like Zen Artistry by Teleflora is sure to make you forget about the cold air outside. This mix of bamboo, purple orchids and other lovely blooms come in a stunning kiwi-colored square dish that will warm up any room in your home in an instant.

This article is brought to you by Teleflora – a leader in the flower delivery service for over 75 years. Teleflora helps its customers buy flowers online and specializes in bringing the freshest available flowers for a variety of holidays and occasions – all hand-delivered in keepsake vases by the best local florists.

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