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Energy Efficient Ways to Keep Your Home Cool

When summer comes around each year, so does an all-too-familiar dilemma: do you turn up the air conditioning at the expense of your energy bill, or do you muddle through heat waves to save money and resources? The decision can be a difficult one, especially when you get used to the ease and comfort of A/C. Fortunately, there are tons of small things you can do to reduce your home’s temperature without breaking the bank or wasting energy. Next time you’re tempted to flip on your cooling unit, try these energy efficient ways to keep your home cool this summer:


Add Shade to Your Yard

Does your home receive lots of sunlight throughout the day? Help minimize its effect on the indoor temperature by bringing shade-producing trees and plants into your yard. Position these plants strategically so that they protect your house from all-day rays, without getting in the way of your view. Learn more about flowers that love shade and give a few a try. You are sure to find ones that fit your garden’s aesthetic.


Close Your Blinds

It might sound too simple to be true, but the basic act of closing your blinds or curtains on hot sunny days can have a noticeable impact on your home’s air quality. Blocking your windows saves you money on your energy bills by reducing the temperature significantly in the room. If you’re using sheer curtains or paper blinds, consider swapping them for sun-blocking drapes, which have been shown to be more effective in reducing heat. If you think the darkness will be a little depressing, add some pops of color with flowers around the house, so you don’t forget the beauty of the season


Focus on Your Body, Not Your Home

Is your house really that hot, or are you just not making any effort to cool yourself down? Make sure you’re drinking plenty of cold beverages throughout the day, and forgo hot coffee and tea in favor of their iced counterparts. Dress in breezy layers that don’t cover or restrict you too much, and dab a damp, cold cloth on your wrists and neck whenever you feel uncomfortably warm. If your family loves to pile onto the couch to watch movies together, think about keeping the cuddles to a minimum until the temperature drops a bit.


Turn Off the Lights

Lighting impacts temperature, so try to keep most of your lamps and overhead bulbs off until the sun goes down. Not only will this help reduce the heat in your home, but you may see your energy bill drop even lower!


Summer is almost over, so we hope you are able to save yourself some money and help save the environment by trying a few of these energy-efficient ways to beat the heat.

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