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Embrace summer with an end of school year fete

Embrace summer with an end of school year fete

School will soon be out for kids around the nation, and even though simply being done with another year might be a prize in itself, kicking off summer with a kids party might make you the coolest mom on the block. Though all you really need for a fete like this are hotdogs, hamburgers, a radio and a few games, adding some personal touches is sure to impress your small guests (and their parents).

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Here are some tips for hosting a fabulous kid-oriented backyard bash:

Fun with food

Some children seem to have endless stomachs, so stocking up on plenty of tasty fare is a must. A great way to keep youngsters satisfied throughout the party is to send food out in waves. For example, start with a few appetizers such as vegetable dip and sliced peppers, cucumbers, carrots and broccoli before serving something more substantial. 

Offering more kid-pleasing options like chicken nuggets, pizza bites and mozzarella sticks is also sure to be a hit. For the main dish, try to let the kids get creative (as long as the fete is outdoors) by setting up a taco or nacho station – this way the children can enjoy what they like. Plus, this is way more fun than traditional burgers and dogs. 

Dazzle with the decor

An easy way to enhance your backyard for a festive gathering is to get streamers, tablecloths, cutlery and even gorgeous flower centerpieces in the colors of your child's school. This simple touch will instantly take your outdoor space from drab to fab without having to spend a fortune. Offering the kids party favors such as hats, sunglasses or bead necklaces will also promote school spirit. 

Activities to try

Since most children enjoy being active in their free time, it's important that you set up plenty of games and activities so they don't get bored during the fete. Setting up for a few traditional games such as limbo, freeze dance, egg races or even hosting a water gun or balloon fight are all ways to keep the emphasis on fun. 

If you plan on playing water games, make sure to include on the invitations that youngsters should come wearing bathing suits – this way everyone will be prepared and will be able to enjoy the event to the fullest. Since you'll be hosting games, you'll also need to come up with a few prizes to dole out. Gifts like iTunes gift cards, candy or sporting goods like jump ropes and Frisbees are sure to be a hit.

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