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Easy Halloween Porch Decorating Inspiration

Halloween provides you with endless decorating opportunities for your own home. What better time to go all out with your front porch decorations than now! Your front porch is the first thing someone sees and accessorizing it gives your home some immediate curb appeal, so here are some tips and tricks for Halloween porch decorating to get in the holiday spirit:

  1. Decorate with Odd Numbers

A rule of thumb for interior design is to incorporate items in groupings of three or five. An odd number of items, like three pumpkins on your front steps, is more aesthetically pleasing than having everything in symmetrical pairs. While this doesn’t mean you can decorate in twos (like having two corn stalks framing your front porch), you should make sure you have some odd groupings as well for a more visually interesting layout.

  1. Think Outside the Orange and Black Box

Orange and black are classic Halloween colors, and you’ll find many decorations in these hues. However, they aren’t the only shades you should be using on your front porch display. Adding unexpected colors, like monochrome white pumpkins, is eye catching and creative. Adding deep purples, golden yellows and burnt reds in your decorations also makes for a more interesting setup while still staying true to the spooky feel of the holiday.

  1. Make your Door a Canvas for Creativity

Too often, homeowners will place a Halloween wreath on their front door and call it a day. They overlook that their door is a canvas for their Halloween creativity. Covering it in paper or creative wrapping paper is a great base. From there, you can add creative cut-outs (like ghosts or bats), ribbons and googly eyes to make your door part of your holiday decor.

  1. Create Depth with Hanging Decor

The best Halloween porch displays utilize every area — even the ceiling. If you have a covered porch, use some fishing wire and create an optical illusion with floating bats, ghosts or witches. This will help bring some depth to your decor and the hanging decorations will come to life when the wind blows. By adding decorations to your porch’s steps, your front door and the ceiling covers all of your bases for a complete Halloween display. 

  1. Add Fresh Flowers

For a finishing touch to your porch decor, don’t forget to add some fresh flowers. Orange or purple mums are hardy and help add some color to your Halloween arrangement, while a fresh autumn floral arrangement is perfect for your patio table. Most Halloween decorations are anchored around natural elements like gourds and corn stalks, so fresh flowers compliment this feel.

And when you need to add a floral bouquet to your home’s interior, make sure to check out Teleflora’s Halloween bouquets to see which arrangements you can order to add the perfect spooky touch!

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