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DIY Vases for Holiday Plants and Flowers

With your own decorative touch, the containers your florals live in will be as stunning as the flowers and plants themselves. These DIY ideas are perfect for decorating vases for your own home or for thoughtful, handmade gifts. Here’s inspiration to get your creative juices flowing, so you can create beautiful DIY vases right at home:


  1. Simply Colorful

The easiest DIY technique is spray-painting the entire container in one hue. This creates a great color block look when you display several of them together. Plus, when you’re sticking with the simple design, you can have fun with the containers themselves. Feel free to collect various sizes and shapes. Glass jars are perfect for this! Combine bold matte colors with pops of metallic, like rose gold or silver. Crisp white and silver work well for winter, and glitter paints add a festive sparkle for the holidays. Complement with deep greens and reds for sophisticated Christmas decor.


  1. Fabulously Chic

The easy, affordable trick to getting that luxury, polished look? Contact paper! Wrap it around a cylindrical container, then, using a craft knife and strong multipurpose glue, cut and attach the paper to the vase. For the fancy boutique touch, use marble contact paper to wrap the container. For a sophisticated texture, glue pennies to a square container or wrap burlap string or copper wire around a circular container. For a festive holiday touch, tie ribbons around the vase.


  1. Wonderfully Creative

Have fun with your creative freedom! Head to a home store or thrift shop to find various glass or white ceramic containers. Pick a color theme, and paint the glasses with various patterns. Go for stripes, grids and geometric patterns for a modern look. Or, blend the colors for an abstract finish. You can also use paint drip techniques for a fun, sophisticated look. Use painter’s tape for crisp, straight lines, or sponges for a speckled finish. This is also a fun project to include the kids in! They’ll love the upgrade from paper and crayons.


When your vases are ready, make sure you have the flowers and plants to fill them! All of our arrangements are hand-crafted with care by local florists.

Red and white roses holiday greenery and candy canes in a vase

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