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DIY Pumpkin Centerpieces for Halloween

Whether you’re hosting an elegant masquerade or just want to give your home some festive autumnal cheer, fall pumpkin centerpieces will always be great decor options. Teleflora has a variety of gorgeous Halloween flowers, complete with seasonal keepsake vases, to fit your needs, but if you’re looking for a way to display the flowers you’ve grown this fall, here are a few ways to create fall arrangements with pumpkins:

Flower Covered Pumpkins

If you have a surplus of flat fall flowers, like mums or dahlias, and want an eye-catching fall pumpkin centerpiece for a party, try covering your orange gourd flower’s blooms. While this kind of centerpiece won’t have a very long life span since you’ll be cutting off the flower’s water supply, it’ll last for the duration of the party, and people will love it! Simply snip the flowers off of the stems and use a hot glue gun to attach the flowers to the pumpkin. Cover the whole surface with flowers. To create a more elaborate display, vary the size of the pumpkins, the color of flowers, and the stand you display them on. 

Real Pumpkins as Vases

Since pumpkins are so bulky, the best way to decorate with one as a vase is to create a busy, lush fall flower arrangement. Be sure to include some greenery and maybe even twigs and golden leaves. You can do this with any size pumpkin, as long as you trim the stems to the appropriate length. Simply empty the pumpkin of all of its insides – saving the seeds to roast – and coat the inside flesh with petroleum jelly to keep it from molding. While you can fill the pumpkin itself with water, you can also use flower foam or dirt to keep the flowers in place and also extend their lives. If you have a plastic container that’s a similar size of the pumpkin, place that inside the pumpkin to keep water in without having to get the pumpkin wet. Just make sure your fall pumpkin centerpiece is large enough to cover the container!

Plastic Pumpkin as Vases

You know those plastic jack o’lanterns you get for your kids to take trick-or-treating each year? Would you believe you could make an elegant fall pumpkin centerpiece with it? You probably don’t want to display them as is, in their bright orange glory, so a simple coat of spray paint can help you customize them. If your Halloween decor focuses on black and silver, spray them a metallic silver, but if you have more of a harvest theme going on, consider gold instead. You can house a bouquet inside, following the above instructions, or even fill the plastic pumpkins with dirt and plant some succulents inside. Some plant-safe spray paint can allow you to customize them even more, for a spookier Halloween aesthetic! Some black echiveria in a silver pumpkin would be an awesome nontraditional decoration.


As mentioned earlier, we have you covered if you don’t want to make the fall pumpkin centerpieces yourself. From a fantastic trick-or-treat bouquet to a heartwarming fall wishes bouquet, we have just what you need to pumpkin your house out.

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  1. Celine says

    I always loved arranging flowers and these tips help the arrangement look more put-together!

  2. RoseMary Hunter says

    I really liked the idea of using the plastic pumpkins, the picture you showed with the jack-o-lantern was really cute & the glass looking pumpkin as well. Thankyou for sharing your tips.

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