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DIY Flower Dyeing 101

White flowers are gorgeous. They look crisp and clean and are one of the ultimate ways to give your decor some classic elegance. Sometimes we want something a little brighter, though. A great way to add some eye-popping color to your decor is to dye your freshly cut white flowers with food coloring.


DIY Flower Dyeing
This is also a great option for gifts. Congratulating your best friend on getting into the school of her choice? Dye some flowers to match her school colors. Your mother’s birthday coming up? Make a custom bouquet of her favorite colors. Here’s how to do it:

  • Spray: An easy way to change the color of your flowers is to spray them with floral spray. This is lighter and airier than spray paint and doesn’t harm the flowers. Using glitter or metallic floral spray can even give your flowers some sparkle.
  • Dip: Dip dyeing is a popular method of coloring in all kinds of forms, from hair and fabric to floral arrangements. Dip dyeing a flower is simple – just dip the flower into a bowl of water and dye. This is a good way to give your flowers a saturated color.
  • Absorb: Absorption is a good way to control the amount of color you use on your flowers. Simply snip the ends of the flowers and allow them to sit in a vase of water and food dye. The longer the flowers sit in the water, the more saturated the color in the petals will be.


About Absorption Dyeing
Though the process of absorption dyeing your flowers is simple, there’s a bit you need to know before starting. Here’s how to get your flowers to look exactly how you want them:

  1. Cut the base of each stem on a slant. Do this with the end of each flower submerged in water. This prevents air bubbles from hindering the flower’s ability to absorb water.
  2. Put multiple drops of food coloring in a vase of water. The darker the water, the darker the color of your flowers will be
  3. Put the flowers in the water for at least a couple of hours. You can keep them in there as long as you’d like – the longer they soak, the more dye they will absorb.


You can give your flowers a tie-dye look as well. Make slits in the bottom of the stem that are long enough for each piece to sit in a different vase of water. This method works best on flowers with very long stems.


Leave It to the Professionals
If you’re pressed for time or just don’t have the desire to dye your own flowers, you’re still in luck! Teleflora has a variety of brightly colored bouquets, like the simple Seaside Oasis or the festive Burst of Autumn, that your friends and family would be enthralled to receive.


Whether you are making your own bouquets or ordering flowers online, it is a great way to add fun pops of color into the home this fall!

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