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DIY Father’s Day Gifts to Make for Dad

Whether your kids are learning how to walk or how to drive, they’re never too young or old to supply dad with something thoughtful and homemade this Father’s Day. There’s nothing sweeter than a homemade present that Dad can display in his office, bragging to his coworkers what a little artist he has in the family — or something that Dad can scarf down on the spot. As long as it’s made with love, we guarantee Dad will love anything you and the kids whip up together. Here are some of our favorite DIY Father’s Day gifts that are sure to wow Dad:

Customized Mouse Pad

Even though this isn’t necessarily something you can do best with your hands alone, we consider this to be a DIY gift, as it’s customizable and thoughtful. Does Dad love a certain photo of the kids or the whole family? Rather than getting it printed and framed, you can go to your local printing shop or an online retailer to get the photo printed onto a mouse pad as an easy DIY Father’s Day gift. Not only is this a little more creative than the standard photo in a frame gift, but also it will provide Dad with constant reminders throughout the workday of how special his kids are and how lucky he is to be a father.

Hand-Painted Apron

If Dad’s main way of expressing himself is in the kitchen or by the grill, customize a boring white apron into something amazing. If you have little kids, you can lead them through a tie-dying session, letting them work together to tie-dye a groovy apron for Dad to wear as he’s flipping burgers or sizzling eggs. If your kids are a little older and more artistic, think about buying some fabric paint from your local craft store and letting them go wild. The kids can decorate the apron with some things they know Dad loves — a baseball mitt, a film roll or a music note, for instance — or write reasons their dad is the best all across the front of it. If you go the latter route, with fabric paint, you’ll need to be cautious about how you’ll wash the fabric in case some oil or barbecue sauce splatters across the kids’ masterpiece.

His Favorite Treat, Fresh out of the Oven!

Maybe Dad has a sweet tooth or passion for snacks. Why not surprise him with his favorite treat? Whether Dad has a preference for sweet, salty or anything in between, spend some time in the kitchen whipping together his all-time favorite snack. Here are some recipes to homemade treats that will have him going in for seconds:

DIY Self-Care Supplies

Something that people have started doing to save money and be creative is making their own self-care items. You can whip up anything from lotion to face masks using supplies that are lying around your home. One of our top picks for a homemade recipe you can whip up is a DIY shaving cream. You can play around with different add-on ingredients and oils to add a pleasant scent to his shaving cream — but make sure they don’t have any adverse effects on exposed skin before doing so!

If Dad likes to rock a beard, you and the kids can work together to concoct a beard oil that will keep his locks in perfect shape. Something that you can make in bulk and present to people as gifts for weeks to come is a homemade bar soap using essential oils and other bits and pieces around the house. You’ll need a soap mold, which you can find for cheap at your local craft store, but the rest of the ingredients should be available around the house. Talk about DIY Father’s Day gifts on a budget! Not only can this activity result in a fun day in the kitchen with the kids, but it also keeps Dad from buying items with a bunch of chemicals and hidden ingredients.

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