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DIY: 5 Sparkling Additions to Floral Centerpieces for NYE

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Whether you're hosting your own party on New Year's Eve or attending someone else's, nothing ties a room together quite like a floral centerpiece. Teleflora is happy to bring you holiday centerpieces festive enough for any occasion. If you're looking to add a little of your own flare to an already beautiful floral arrangement, a little bit of sparkle is a great place to start, especially around New Year's Eve.

Get crafty this year and put some personal touch in your centerpieces. Here are five ways to add sparkling additions to your arrangements:

1. Use spray glitter
First, decide what color you'd like to use. If you're looking to really make your centerpiece sparkle, try silver and gold. After you've chosen the color for your centerpiece, decide how much you'd like to use and where you'd like to put it. If you're looking to feature the glitter as a main part of your centerpiece,spray the centerpiece's container. It doesn't matter if it's a basket, vase or pot, you can add spray glitter to virtually any solid object. That includes the flowers themselves, too! If you are working with flowers that are neutral colors (like white, for example), try spraying glitter directly on the flowers themselves. The glitter will give you the shine you're looking for.

2. Tuck stems of metallic twigs
If you're looking for a shiny, metallic look without using glitter, it's not a bad idea to get some metallic twigs to add to your centerpiece. These go well with almost any flower and can be left around flower stems and petals alike. A popular way to use metallic twigs is to tuck them around the floral arrangement. Despite the fact that they're made of metal, the twigs can be bent and oriented around anything you'd like. Have some fun designing the twists and turns of your twigs in your centerpiece.

3. Add silver and gold ornaments
Although Christmas has already passed, silver and gold ornaments are in style through the beginning of the new year. Don't miss out on another chance to feature your pretty silver and gold ornaments. If you are using a small plant or even a tiny tree, try hanging them from the branches as you would on a Christmas tree. If, however, you are working with a floral arrangement that's in a bowl, spread the ornaments out among the flowers. A touch of silver or gold can be just what the centerpiece needs to get everyone in a festive mood.

4. Weave metallic ribbon around the holder
Whether your floral centerpiece is being held in a vase, pot or bowl, you can easily add a little sparkle by simply tying a metallic ribbon around the container. Not only is it a simple upgrade, but it's also an inexpensive one. If you want to add a little flare to a bouquet of flowers on an end table or in the bathroom, adding a is an easy way to do it. Use more than one if you are emphasizing a sparkling theme.

5. Try regular glitter 
There's nothing wrong with using regular, old glitter to enhance your centerpieces and floral arrangements. Simply take a pinch of glitter and spread it evenly over the surface that you are trying to cover. It doesn't matter if it's a little messy or moves around, it will all look good either way. You can even sprinkle some on the flowers themselves if you want to add sparkle to the colors.

Make just a little bit of extra effort so you can ring in the new year with centerpieces that truly sparkle!


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