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How to Display Your Flower Bouquets at Home

The only thing more satisfying than successfully growing your own flowers in a garden, is realizing how much life something as simple as a fresh bouquet can bring to a room. There is such a variety of ways that you can display them, but there are also some special instructions you should follow to ensure they last as long as possible. Here are some tips for how to brighten up your living space with fresh cut flowers:


Find the Right Vases for You
When you order a bouquet through Teleflora, your flowers will always come in a vase. This is a great way to start your vase collection. However, there are a few varieties you should always have on hand, as each has its own uses for different flower types:

  • A classic-shaped vase for large floral displays.
  • A cylinder vase for flowers with long stems.
  • A cube vase for flowers with short stems.
  • A bud vase for single blooms.

However, you could also get creative with your floral displays, using your favorite teacups, bottles, mason jars and other pretty household containers. How you display your flowers is a great way to exemplify your own personal tastes.


Where to Display Your Flowers
It’s a little-known fact that absolutely every room in your home can be brightened with a flower display. However, different-sized arrangements look better in different environments. For example, a small, simple flower in a bud vase can look perfect on your living room coffee table, but may get lost on a large dining room table.

The larger the space, the bigger the display should be. An exception, however, is an arrangement made up of multiple small vases. This mismatched look is adorable on a large table. A floral arrangement on your nightstand will also give you a pleasant start to your day every morning.
If you have a foyer near the entryway of your home, consider a tall vase with a few flowers with very long stems. This minimal aesthetic is elegant and simple, especially if the rest of your home is clean and pristine as well.


Keeping Your Flowers Alive
A beautiful floral arrangement can get pricey, and there’s no doubt that it’s very easy to get accustomed to always having fresh blooms on hand! This is why it’s important to take special care of the floral arrangements throughout your home to ensure they live as long as possible. Here are a few useful tips to helping your blooms live a long life in your home:

  • Though your flowers may look gorgeous in a large bay window, hot, direct sunlight actually isn’t the ideal environment for your cut flowers. Keep them in indirect light, in a cool area of your home. Don’t place your flowers too close to radiators or open windows with a draft, either.
  • Don’t try to stuff too many flowers into one vase. This can damage the stems and keep the flowers from getting ample water. If you don’t have a vase big enough to accommodate your bouquet, break it up into a couple vases and then you’ll have a display for another room, too!
  • If you decide to display your flowers in your kitchen, keep them away from your fruit bowl. Many fruits emit a gas that can shorten the lifespan of your blooms.
  • Change the water every day, and clean the vase each time you do so. Bacteria on the edge of a vase can cause your flowers to wilt prematurely. Once the flowers begin to die, take the wilted ones out of the vase.


With just a little work and testing what flower arrangements look best, you will be able to decorate every room in your house with just a little work. Have fun testing out different bouquets and types of flowers for the season.

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