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Dinner Party 101: How to Choose a Floral Centerpiece

Dinner Party 101: How to Choose a Floral Centerpiece


Hosting a dinner party can be a big endeavor. Not only are you opening your house up to the public – which always seems to lead to frantic cleaning and decorating – you’re putting your food to the test with a wide range of guests. The dinner table itself becomes a component of stress, as each minuscule detail alters the food’s presentation. How are you folding the napkins? Is the table set properly? Do the placemats match?

Then of course there’s the centerpiece. Think about the name for a minute. These flowers will literally be at the center of your table, the focal point of the party’s aesthetic, but choosing the right centerpiece shouldn’t be a point of anxiety.

Here are five tips for choosing the perfect centerpiece for your next dinner party:

1. Don’t choose an arrangement that’s too tall:

When your guests are sitting and enjoying dinner, you’ll want everyone to be able to see each other and be included in conversation. A tall centerpiece will block people from view and deter natural discussion.

Go with a short vase and keep the flowers below eye level.

2. Don’t get flowers with a fragrant scent:

Remember that a major component of taste is smell. The scent of your food should be the aromatic focus of your dinner party. Fragrant flowers can disrupt the flavor of the meal and take the focus away from your food.

3. Use a floating arrangement:

Showcasing a floating arrangement will ensure that your centerpiece stays low, but will also keep it elegant. Make sure to find flowers that will float and hold their shape, such as roses. Add vibrant fruit slices to your floating arrangement to give it extra color and depth.

4. Choose flowers that match your meal:

Dinner parties tend to have a theme, and your centerpiece should emphasize it. For example, if you’re planning a dinner party for the 4th of July, red, white and blue flowers will add a festive motif to the table. Use complementary colors to your place settings.

5. Use one bouquet to make several smaller centerpieces:

If one main centerpiece seems too formal or bulky, take a bouquet and divide it up to make smaller centerpieces for each guest. Little canning jars or teacups can be utilized as impromptu vases. This will give each guest a personal bouquet to enjoy.

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