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Curb your kids’ back to school blues with flowers

Heading back to school after having the summer off can be hard for many kids. The first day of school is just around the corner for children across the nation, and there are a few ways parents can make the transition from freedom to homework a bit easier for all involved.

A great way to help kids feel better about heading back to school may be to take them shopping in order to pick out the perfect outfit to show off their tans to their friends. Let the children scour the aisle in search of great shorts and tee-shirts or even dresses and stylish skirts. Letting the children select what they want their last meal of summer vacation to be and allowing them to watch their favorite movie may help prepare them for the new school year as well.

Although most kids will be happy to be among their friends on the first day, parents can make the day even more eventful by having flowers delivered to the home for the kids to find when school gets out. Teleflora's Confetti Present may be a perfect option as the lovely pink gerberas and roses as well as green button spray chrysanthemums and purple matsumotos are sure to brighten up the kids' day. Plus, the blossoms come in a fun waterproof gift box equipped with multi-colored curled ribbon.

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