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Create Your Own Summer Floral Decor from Home

With summertime often comes the constant desire to get out and enjoy the fresh air, bask in the sun and soak up the rays in hopes of achieving a natural glow. This summer, you may be doing more of these things at home than out and about with groups of friends and family, but that shouldn’t spoil the excitement.

Give your home and backyard a gorgeous makeover using fresh flowers and pure creativity by designing your own summer decor so you can enjoy the gorgeous weather surrounded by fresh floral fragrances. Here are four creative ways to use Teleflora flowers to make your own summer floral decor right from home:

Craft Your Own Seasonal Wreath

Don’t order a wreath made of fake flowers to hang on the front door this year. Instead, follow Better Home and Gardens magazine’s floral wreath step-by-step instructions to make a fresh one from scratch using real blossoms and greenery. You can use an assortment of flowers from Teleflora or simply take apart your favorite bouquet of ours to transform it into a hanging masterpiece.

Design a 3D Floral Mural

Is the inside of your home lacking a pop of color or a piece of decor that shouts creativity? Take down the old picture of a barn that’s been hanging in your living room for years and replace it with your very own 3D mural made of fresh flowers. This may take quite a few of our bouquets to create – based on how big you want the mural to be – so take some time to browse through our arrangement options.

Arrange a Flower Backdrop

Quarantine has made it harder for you and your friends to go out to your favorite restaurants and take selfies, so your feed is likely in need of some life. With a little creativity, you can make any room in your home more worthy of pictures for your social media account. Check out some fall wall examples highlighted by House Beautiful for some inspiration to string together your own flower garlands.

Create Centerpieces for a Small Gathering

If you don’t want to take flowers off the stems and turn them into crafts, something as simple as rearranging pre-made bouquets and turning them into your own simple creations can be just as satisfying and make another gorgeous DIY piece of summer decor. Gather a few of your favorite single-flower bouquets and rearrange them to make your own unique arrangement. These can be placed throughout your home, or you can use them to decorate for a small get-together with a few of your friends or family members.

Whether you’re interested in going above and beyond with seasonal floral decorations this summer or you’re simply looking for a gorgeous bouquet of flowers to place near your bed, office space or kitchen countertop, Teleflora has hundreds of options to choose from. Browse through our summer bouquets today to find one that fits your mood.

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