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Colorful Houseplants to Brighten Up Your Home

It may be dreary outside, but your home doesn’t have to reflect the winter weather. Fill your spaces with lively and uplifting houseplants. Here are some of our favorite colorful houseplants to try out in your space:


African Violet

These beauties bloom year-round with little effort on your end. The flowers are usually purple, but you can find variants in pink, red and white to match your decor. They like the sun, so try to put these plants near a bright window. They’ll soak up the rays and bloom almost immediately.


Kaffir Lily

A cousin of the elegant amaryllis, the kaffir lily also doesn’t disappoint in the looks department. When it blooms, it grows star-shaped flowers in sensational orange and yellow tones. Keep it in a small pot and find a home where it will receive bright, indirect sunlight.



Of all the indoor plants, jasmine is one of the most fragrant. Along with flurries of delicate white and pink flowers, this plant will fill your space with a sweet aroma. With plenty of light and moisture, your jasmine will thrive all winter long.



This perennial is available in plenty of colors and varieties, including some that actually love the shorter days and cooler temperatures. The Rieger begonia is one of these winter-flowering variants that will produce colorful, rose-shaped blooms. Begonias are happy on counters or tables, as well as in hanging containers.



Kalanchoe plants are relatively easy to grow, and they’ll reward you with long-lasting, star-shaped flowers that bloom in red, pink, yellow, orange or white. In the winter, they’re happiest with moderate watering and sunlight from a south-facing window.



Crotons need a little more attention than other houseplants, but it’s worth it to fill your home with their dark green leaves bursting with shades of red, orange and gold. They love sunlight, and will thrive when you mist their leaves a few times a week. Furthermore, the soil should always be moist, but avoid making it soggy with overwatering.


Snake Plants

Snake plants are super easy to grow – even if you don’t have a green thumb. They prefer regular water and some bright light, but will survive pretty much anywhere. They grow tall green leaves streaked with silver, gold and yellow highlights. This colorful height makes snake plants perfect for brightening the corners of rooms or flanking the edges of furniture.



These little desert plants don’t need a lot of attention. During the winter, they’ll be fine if you water them every other week. They do love the sunlight, though, so it’s a good idea to keep them on a windowsill. There are plenty of varieties and they look fabulous grouped together in one large pot or in several tiny containers.


Creative tip: Have fun with the pots you put all of these plants in! These containers can be a great way to bring color and personality into your spaces.

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